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Contested Divorce

I am going through a divorce, and my ex and I do not agree on custody.

Has anyone done a contested divorce without a lawyer? How successful were you?




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  1. If you are the man, you’re going to lose.
    End of story.

  2. Terry Jones Terry Jones says:

    I am fortunate to have LegalShield, this gave me access to a law firm to let me know what I should do next. I don’t pay by the hour, I have a legal plan that made my divorce very easy and inexpensive. You need a lawyer to talk to , so you know your next move. LegalShield has saved me thousands of dollars. If this helps, let me know and I can get you more detailed info. Having a lawyer in your corner gives you that peace of mind.

  3. Whatever happens, always state that it is in the best interest of the children.

  4. Make sure you have a solid argument when contesting the terms of the custody agreement. Come up with a lot of supporting FACTS and documentation. Your case will have more merit and the Court will take you seriously and not just another parent stomping their foot, clogging up the system. Be Prepared. Ask mediation or Legal Aid questions on how to present your case and what points need to be stressed the most. It also bodes fairer if it’s in the CHILD’S best interest. You can also get the child to write a testimony to be presented on what THEY want. Good luck!

  5. I don’t understand the fight regarding custody. You both made the child….. he was good enough to be dad then, so why the fight? I just smdh! It’s not about you or him. That child deserves equal amount of time with dad as the child does with mom. You owe your child that. You chose the dad. You even married him. So unless he’s abusing the child STOP FIGHTING OVER CUSTODY!!

  6. Do you not agree
    On custody because of abuse? If not then for Crying out loud let everyone who is a parent be a damn parent. Stop breaking hearts because of your selfish revengeful attitudes. I told my x and my daughter that if either of them wanted to see each other and we’re missing each other that I would do what ever it takes to fix that. Kids need both parents when they need them! Not when the judge says it’s a good time

  7. Call Alberta Family Justice just to see what they can do for you……or at least point you in the right direction.

  8. I did. When it came to parenting time (the word “custody” isn’t used anymore), and I didn’t contest the divorce terms at all. She got all the property (including the debt), and I got more time with my son than the typical dad would get. Your success will depend on what your priorities are (property vs. kids), but if you push for everything out of revenge or spite and you lose, you could end up paying for the ex’s lawyer.

  9. You don’t need a lawyer. Divorces. An not be contested. Child custody is a separate from division of property. The child will normally stay with the mother. Not always the case but usually is. Depending on what exactly you disagree on, if courts are involved it takes a toll on everything and no one may get what they want. Custody, access and child support are not the same thing.

  10. We don’t have a justice system, we have a legal system. Having gone through this myself, judges and lawyers do not give you the same respect when self-representing. Judges make decisions on how they feel, there own experiences ect. And that is why you have such ridiculous judgements. In a matter of spousal support for the drop in my work week to 4 days when my child was born with special needs, the judge told me I make enough money to live. That is not the legal criteria for spousal. It is if you have given up financially in order to benefit child etc. His dad makes a ton of money and only sees his child once every 6 weeks or so for a few hours. All documentation for my son’s needs, therapy, spots. Etc. Given to judge and he did not even considerate it.

  11. Len Prescott Len Prescott says:

    I went through a divorce without a lawyer and it was a rough but cheaper divorce is complicated I did not have children just property my ex was going to fight me but agreed to sign the separation papers and after 1yr the judge granted the divorce I was told that when children are involved and there is no agreement between parents you must have a lawyer but I have been hearing that this may not be true but if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement it is going to be expensive and extremely stressful for everyone involved including the children negative emotions between each other is the worst thing to act on best of luck to you.

  12. Shelley Dee Shelley Dee says:

    You can’t contest a divorce . They are automatic after a year . Custody and property are different issues . These were settled long after my divorce was final

  13. Get ready to waste a lot of money.

  14. Do not get a lawyer. You can’t do it yourself. Ruth Wadley is on the right track. Good luck.

  15. Ruth Wadley Ruth Wadley says:

    Just fill out the forms, take it to the courthouse. Have a friend serve him and sign an affidavit of service. He has (I believe) 30 days to respond and then the courts will do mediation or decide.

    We can assist with this process at Edmonton Notary Services 780-474-3486

  16. Get a lawyer, if you can’t afford one at least goto legal aid and get some advice. If you haven’t taken parenting after separation yet do it. Also look at may be your custody ideas perhaps they want it more evenly distributed, maybe they feel they don’t get an equal amount of parenting time. Lastly remember custody and access are different. All parents deserve reasonable and generous access to their children unless proven unfit by a family judge.

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