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We pay a monthly 145.00 to the cooperators insurance here in edmonton. We are leasing a 2013 equinox , from car approved now south of edmonton. We thought by paying 145.00 a month to the insurance place, we’d be covered if anything happened to our vehicle. Well the other night, a mid years man smashed our window, crawled in the window and sat in the back tried sleeping. Our alarm didn’t even go off!!! Our neighbors came knocking and notified us that someone was in our vehicle. So I called the cops, got a witness statement.. my partner went and confronted the man and bear maced him. The alarm went off when my partner tried opening the door to pull him out (why the fuck didn’t the alarm go off when the window was smashed but when my bf tried opening the door , the alarm decided to go off) and the guy assaulted him with the mace. So he couldn’t catch him. So now, we’re dealing with the window and have absolutely no money because of Christmas, and we have a baby coming anytime soon as I am 35 weeks pregnant with nothing. This is such a stress having to deal with the insurance because we’ve been making on time payments and paying 145 a month to not even be covered??? Even with a police file report?? My question is, is there any better insurance I can change to? Our vehicle window is 300.00!! And they are not covering it. Just looking for cheaper insurance? With our bills , and baby on the way.. we are ok honestly. It’s just unfortunate this happened at the wrong time. And ps, just leave your vehicle unlocked and take your valuables out. It’s more cheaper seems like. Ugh


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  1. It’s vandalism & therefore covered under the comprehensive portion of the policy. If your deductible on your comp coverage is higher than the repairs than you are responsible for the cost of the repairs. Insurance covers the amount over & above your deductible

  2. Cibc insurance they have full coverage including glass and towing for the same price as your paying call them

  3. Kerrie Yates Kerrie Yates says:

    contact a bunch of glass shops. Tell them what you need. And ask if they have any marked or damaged ones. If they get ones with a scratch or tiny chip out of them, any imperfections they don’t install them in customers vehicles as new glass. But you can get them much cheaper. Ì get imperfect windshields all the time for a fraction of the price. It’s worth looking into at least.

  4. Sara Graham Sara Graham says:

    This is not rocket science, I believe the original poster should spend more time researching how insurance works than posting on this page!!! Ps l, life happens and with a baby on the way you better be prepared!

  5. Leah Jeanie Leah Jeanie says:

    Glass is never covered unless you opt in, even if you have full coverage it does not include glass, that is an extra cost ontop. Sorry for your luck

  6. Jen Schmidt Jen Schmidt says:

    You don’t have glass coverage by the sounds of it. It’s an add-on endorsement. Most people don’t have glass coverage as it can be expensive. Plus most often your deductible is higher than the repair/replacement.
    It’s definitely a smart thing to have though when you have a sunroof, those things can cost thousands. Much like a windshield with a rain sensor can.
    This isn’t a Co-operators problem, it’s a YOU problem for denying glass coverage.

  7. Pick n pull for a new door. Way cheaper.

  8. So, your partner got disarmed by a bum?

  9. What window? Would have been a side window ( which isn’t $300) or rear window (maybe) but there’s no way they crawled through the windshield to the back. Auto wreckers have tons of vehicles for you to get a replacement windows.
    Reason alarm didn’t go off is because they didn’t go through the door (breaking contact when alarm is set)

  10. I feel so awful for the guy who was probably freezing, I hope he found somewhere warm to sleep. Though I’m also sorry for your window. I wish we lived in a society where someone could knock on a door and say they were freezing and someone would do what they can to help.

  11. Erica Wilson Erica Wilson says:

    You’re lucky you’re only out $300 and that your partner wasn’t injured or killed confronting this guy, spraying him with mace and trying to drag him out of the car. You could have ended up 35 weeks pregnant with a dead or hospitalized partner! Call the police and let them deal with it.

  12. Sounds like you have no glass coverage. You may also have a higher deductible in order to pay lower premiums. Deductibles are usually $500 or even $1000. Your window is $300.

    Glass coverage is expensive. I don’t carry it myself. I have replaced my windshield due to a crack. It was still cheap paying out for for a windshield than 6 years worth of glass coverage.

    • Rocky Wilson Rocky Wilson says:

      Same. I got rid of glass coverage. I’ve had the same car for 12 years and never had to replace my windshield. If I had the coverage all that time, I could have probably bought 4 new windows with what they wanted to charge. Cheaper to just pay out of pocket than have glass coverage.

    • Go instead for ‘loss of use’. Mine adds about $30 a year onto my premium but cover car rental costs if you’re left without your vehicle.

  13. Bryann Lohse Bryann Lohse says:

    To get your glass fixed go to Kijiji and find a person who does installation of glass as a side job and you buy the glass. We had to do it and it was under 200.00 when we were quoted over 450!

  14. This isn’t a glass claim, if you have a police report this would fall under vandalism. Deductible waived and window fixed. Unless your have the bare minimum for insurance

  15. You should never use your insurance for glass repairs on your vehicle, your payment will increase due to your claim anhd you will end up paying ten times that amount in the long run/ Sorry it happened to you but $300 is not much for a window repair and average deductible is $500 or more so unless you want to pay your insurance $500 and they will fix it you’re SOL

  16. it is not the providers fault your window is not covered. That is an additional option available to policies.

  17. Dawn Miller Dawn Miller says:

    How do you have a lease vehicle that doesn’t have full coverage? When I was paying off my car ( not a lease car) I had to have my car covered by insurance from bumper to bumper? Also I was stopped at a red light and a school bus took me out. My insurance waived my deductible and repaired the damage with no cost to me. I use state farm love them been with them forever transferred from AMA who I think are scammers

  18. Bobbi Tanner Bobbi Tanner says:

    So because YOU didn’t read your coverage’s when you purchased the policy ( That you would have had to sign for as well) That is the insurance companies fault? Take responsibility for your own mistakes

  19. Most oem anti theft systems don’t off due to sound, they more commonly go off when the door is opened from the inside handle without a fob or transponder present or first being unlocked with the remote.

  20. If in fact you have the correct coverage, and the insurance company still tells you to pound sand then contact “the superintendent of insurance” it will get fixed and fast. That’s the big secret insurance companies don’t want you to know.

  21. Stop wasting money on Christmas. Don’t need to buy gifts to show your love. The greatest gift anyone has to give is totally free. Love is always free.

  22. The factory alarm that comes with your car is only activated when opening a door. It’s not for windows. An actual alarm you have installed yes. The shit your car comes with no

  23. Sonja Mac Sonja Mac says:

    The lower your monthly payments, the higher your deductible is and potentially, the less you’re covered for. It seems this is your first event with an insurance company. This sounds like a fairly average plan. Welcome to the real world! Still, good to shop around so that you do feel like you are getting your money’s worth. Even when your insurance IS covering everything, they can be very difficult to deal with. Make sure you have one that treats you well.

  24. I can’t help with recommendations but if you want glass coverage (windows), then you have to purchase an extra rider for it.

  25. Shaun Siever Shaun Siever says:

    Pretty normal… collision coverage doesn’t cover glass. You need glass coverage for the glass. They always offer it for an extra $14 a month or so. Plus you usually have a deductible of 250/500/1000 depending what you set up at the time.

  26. Most insurance companies don’t cover glass you need to add it to your policy. Be aware as well that most policies also don’t cover collision in parking lots.

    • Desiree Mystique Heck omg…..covera is not based on where the accident happened. I was an auto adjuster for 18 yrs……and NO parking lots are not 50/50

    • Kim Springsteel one might want to reconsider your words as you are sounding condescending. Two I never said fifty fifty at any point. I said not covered as in your SOL if you get into one in a parking lot because it’s classified as private property or some BS like that. Auto adjustor or not you do NOT know everything about every policy for every company as it stands right now. Get off your high horse and act your age.

  27. Does this not fall under vandalism and the deductible would be waived?

    • Marilyn Hildebrandt that’s what I was thinking. I think a few details are bring left out

    • ..most insurance does not cover 3tires got slashed..cops caught got the person n was wld not help anything…fine print said no coverage for vandalism..even my truck door was “knifed” causing body damage…no coverage whatsoever this was sharp insurance…i feel this womans outrage…

    • Syndy Fiddler that isn’t true. Most comprehensive policies cover vandalism and theft. That’s why you get comprehensive. Liability insurance doesn’t though, so if you cheap out you get what you pay for.

  28. Usually glass is not covered unless you pay extra. Also the alarm won’t go off unless the front windows or doors are activated/destroyed. I think the back doors may set off the alarm also. Thieves are aware of this. This is why he climbed through the window so the alarm wouldn’t go off. I had the same problem couple of years ago with my 2014 Xterra. Also the dealership tacks on all kinds of charges. They quoted me $600+ for a new window ….i took it down the block to some glass/window place and paid $200.00. For a tinted back window. (it didn’t have the fancy polorized kind of glass but like i cared. Shop around for your window and don’t listen to the dealership.

  29. Windows are not really covered that well in Alberta for any insurance. You would have had to sign a waiver to not have your windshield Ect included. Because the deductible is more than a new window

  30. Most insurance doesn’t cover glass unless you specified you wanted it. There is still always a deductable even for other things like stolen items or even an accident unless it’s not your fault.

  31. It depends on your history, what you have insured ect. No one’s rates are the same. You probably didn’t have glass coverage. Not all policy’s have it. It also makes a difference you are leasing a vehicle and don’t own it, nore will you ever as far as they are concerned since lease is exactly that. A lease.

  32. Happened to my mom before Xmas. The deductible was higher that the cost of the window. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize how insurance companies work until they don’t do what we expect. On that note, the glass guy here in Spruce did the window for $255. Shop around, you can do better than $300.

  33. Read the contract you were given when you signed up for your insurance. It should tell you what is covered and what your deductible is. Also everyone pays a different premium each month based on driving history, accidents, speeding tickets. That has very little to do with what is covered by insurance.

    • Jojo Bicks Jojo Bicks says:

      You should have read the contract at the time of purchasing insurance. Always read the fine print before you sign and agree to the monthly amount. Do people really not know that these days?? You can’t just assume you’re covered for something because it “makes sense”

      You are most likely paying a cheaper insurance, so you have a higher deductible. Your deductible is probably around $500 right? Which would mean if the damage repair is under that amount, it’s not covered.

  34. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Similar situation here. We had our 2 passenger windows smashed 2 days before Christmas. Crystal glass was really good. Check out the Argyll location if south.

  35. Glass coverage is usually an additional fee but if your deductible is $500 and the amount to replace is $300 they wouldn’t cover it because you would have to pay $500 for a $300 windshield which doesn’t make sense.

  36. Sean Foster Sean Foster says:

    They aren’t paying it because your deductible is higher than the price of repairs. That’s the whole reason for insurance is that what you pay is way less than repairs. You probably don’t even have glass coverage

  37. Many people opt out of glass coverage. Perhaps your insurance didn’t cover glass.

  38. May have to do with your deductible, most are 500 to 1000.

  39. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    I pay almost 400 a month and I’m covered for even rock chips

  40. Check what your deductible is….if it is $500 and the window costs $300, then no, it’s your cost. Higher deductible, lower insurance. You would also need glass coverage, which is expensive.

  41. The price you’re paying is irrelevant because everyone has different premiums. I’ll assume you would need full coverage (plpd and collision) because you’re leasing. I would think the glass would fall under your comprehensive policy as it was vandalism. But glass is also an add on with many insurance policies and often a more expensive premium than the cost of the glass.

  42. If you have a Costco membership they have pretty competitive rates. You can get a flyer for the insurance along the wall when you exit. I pay about $90 a month for a 2011 suv. Whatever you get make sure that you have comprehensive coverage as that would cover the glass.

    • Colleen Stewart-Christie I Have A Costco Card, What Would I Need To Do So This Doesn’t Happen To Me?

    • Aileya Jo Nighttraveller get the brochure for the insurance and give them a call for a quote. Make sure you have comprehensive coverage. There is a deductible that has to be paid when you have a claim before insurance kicks in. This is standard of all insurance but you can choose the level of deductible. Unfortunately the lower deductible you choose the higher your rate will be.

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