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My relationship is on very shaky ground. There’s been history of infidelity and addiction, which in turn has taken a toll on my self worth as a woman, mental health, trust and has created resentment for me.
Along with the other woman there’s been a history of alcoholism, the two behaviors go together.

There’s children involved in the picture, there’s a lot to save within the relationship. He has taken responsibility and agreed to seek out couples therapy together.
We make a six figure income and also have benefits .
Please suggest the best therapist in Edmonton.

ALSO…… suggestions on building and repairing trust .



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  1. Connie Francis says:

    Gloria gladue

  2. People who are serial cheaters and addicts have a longer road to recovery than just wanting to be better. You can’t fix him. He needs serious help. And your children deserve better. And so do you.

  3. You need to heal yourself before you can heal the relationship

  4. Waste of time impossible to salvage. Move on.

  5. Commitment to healing by both parties, communication and honesty by both parties, it will take a lot of work. And forgiveness is something you have to decide to do every day. We both read the 5 love languages and it’s helped us understand each other better. good luck to you and your family, I hope you guys find healing in one direction or another.

  6. Tina Cowan Counseling Services on Whyte Ave!!!!!

  7. Once a cheater always a cheater

    Unless he decides to sober up, give you every password to everything he owns ( check app store for the Vault app its a hidden app where they can chat to people and store pictures without anyone being able to snoop and see ) then theres no point giving him ANOTHER chance

    My dad was the same , did the therapy and all , they dont really change

    • Nicole Ratcliffe passwords to everything and deletions of things etc etc are all too exhausting!

    • Amanda Nic yes it is , if a person is a serial cheater there is no simply ” stopping cheating ” they have a need/selfish desire that a monogamous relationship cannot satisfy emotionally and physically , an attempt to stop the cheating will always result in the cheater developing resentment, the only reason they agree to ” try ” and stop is because they dont like feeling guilty for causing emotional distress on someone they convinced to trust them

  8. Children are not a reason to stay in a toxic relationship. The only thing that does is teach them shitty relationship habits. They will learn that being treated that way or treating someone else that way is ok. It is 100% not ok. You and your kids deserve better. Move on.

  9. You deserve better. Time to move on. Money and benefits are not worth the toll. Kid are better off in a happy single parent household than a miserable two parent home.

  10. Clinton Kirk Clinton Kirk says:

    Contact Janice at YEG Psychology.

    YEG Psychology – Edmonton Counselling Psychologists
    201, 9807 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5X9
    (780) 936-0081

  11. Josh Bauer Josh Bauer says:

    Stick with shout-out. You get free sound relationship advice LOL

  12. Doug James Doug James says:

    I’m really starting to think this site is a place for women to be needy. Air your dirty laundry elsewhere

  13. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    Money doesn’t matter, your kids health matters more, believe me. Has he stopped drinking?Can you say you 100% trust him? What does your gut say? Be 100% honest with yourself.

  14. Your physician can suggest several options for you and your family. I hope you’re able to rebuild.

  15. Try Integrity seminars

  16. Kells Counselling -HANDS DOWN

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