Crazy Driver

Driving home with my 2 kids in the car, the chick in the blue car with a “me frst” plate almost hit us twice and almost plowed into a pedestrian on 95th by the Italian market.

Just so you know lady I did call the police and I really hope they stop you before you kill some one!!!



11 Responses

  1. Lol a Genesis. XD I’ve seen people destroy those things.

  2. when i come across people like i think to myself “who in their life told them they were so damn special”..its one thing to be confident in life its another to be an asshat.

  3. Jay Gough Jay Gough says:

    I’ve seen this car around Edmonton. This is a regular occurrence for this driver.

  4. Drew lowry Drew lowry says:

    I have seen this idiot many times. He would of been shot in most American states

  5. The amount of people we see speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on the highway is mind boggling. Taking a chance that everyone else is going to predict your horrendous driving is really dangerous and unfair

  6. I think the licence place gives it away. She’s a self entitled a$$h*/€.

  7. Britt Buxton Britt Buxton says:

    You’re not even safe on the sidewalks. I got run over from behind yesterday by one of those electric scooters old people drive.I was in front of the Royal Alec and some idiot nearly took my legs off and didn’t even stop or back up up. Twisted both my knees bad and my right angle. It seems everyones on dope or something.


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