Crazy Junior High Mom!

I blurred her plate for safety.

I just followed this car and watched it run a stop sign at a 3 way stop, lose her mind on another driver at a 4 way stop sign, (when the other driver was safely driving and stopping at a 4 way properly), and then pull in by Father Michael Troy Junior High school to wave and yell like a maniac at the passenger in the front seat.

If you are that upset, don’t put other people’s lives at risk by driving erratically. Yes, you eventually did pull over, but not soon enough. Wish I had a dash cam!



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  1. Honest Edmontonian says:

    I’d be pretty pissed too if I had to drive a Hyundai SantaFe. Yikes!!!

  2. Hope this parent feels better knowing she’s fb ” worst driver of the day ” sad.

  3. Half the parents at my kids school. A couple of them a real losers. One car parked in a no parking zone and the school bus came up to park (where they are allowed) and the car wouldn’t move. Another parent got out and I could see her smiling at the driver trying to be nice and unassuming telling her/him to move and then the smile was gone. She talked to the school bus driver and you could tell she had been told off. Another time a father just went on an abusive rant, swearing, calling people names, threatening everyone after someone posted about parking in front of the kids school. It was brutal. But I guess the parents are just nasty to the staff and their kids have brutal issues with everything regarding authority. Some people just suck big time.

  4. i could be wrong but I think even if you don’t have a dash cam you can still report her violations –

  5. Sean Seerey Sean Seerey says:

    Is yur mummy a dummy ?

  6. Cops parked outside our Jr High (T.D.Baker) and been giving out tickets since yesterday. Sad it has to come to that but so glad something is actually being done about the inconsiderate parents who do not think the traffic laws don’t apply to them.

  7. Thea Heesom Thea Heesom says:

    Good Catholic upbringing with morals and integrity

  8. Take the photo (or video) to the police station and file a report. Bad drivers like this need to be stopped.

  9. Maybe it’s that girl that won Canada’s Worst Driver.


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