Crazy Landlord

I just need to get this out of my system. I have rented for years and never once had a problem with a landlord. I pay my rent on time every month, never have visitors over unless it’s family visiting from away for a week or so, I don’t smoke, certainly don’t party. I essentially pay my rent and watch Netflix by myself like a real winner. I’m currently leaving a house which I’ve been in for 3 years now, again never causing any problems or missing rent. Two years into the rental I had to speak to the landlord as she kept walking into my house, moving my property in the garage, hanging around the yard for upwards of 6-8 hours a day. I rent the house and garage my myself. This isn’t a basement apartment or shared accommodation kind of deal. She backed off after I spoke to her. When I gave my notice I am moving she went full out psychotic. She gave a known drifter/addict keys to my house and garage. He was in my garage for 4 days and eventually forcefully removed by the authorities. She told me I’m over reacting over it and I should have left him be, that’s were I’ve parked for years. She has continuously come into my home for no reason besides “Its her house” and has even thrown out some of my property that was in the garage while I was away on the weekend.She is demanding I leave for weekends so she can ‘show the house’ to a single person, yes she wants me gone an entire weekend. She threatened me for weeks and even threatened to harm my cats whom are on the lease. 2 more weeks and I’m rid of this nutcase. I sleep with my doors baracaded not knowing when she or one of her questionable friends will just walk in. I feel bad for anyone who rents from this basket case. I use to think when people complained about landlords they must have just been bad tenants because I never had an issue, to those people I apologise ! Crazy landlords exist.



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  1. Talk to Landlord & Tenant. Tell her she is breaking the law. She can’t threaten.


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