Is confessing about a crush you experience is something super serious?

I am a married woman who had a crush with another married woman…she was very accepting and welcoming..and I let her know in many other ways that I had a which she would just send me a smiling emoticons or a heart and would always be silent.

So one day I openly texted her saying I am.having a crush on her since certain period..and mentioned that I would want us to be wise with this situation. Suddenly she started pretending that she didnt know this..and that friendship is not an option either. I have no clue what happened.



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  1. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    It’s not the confession about a crush we think is so serious…. it’s your lack in not being able see her OBVIOUS reaction to your confession. Her little hearts and smiley emoticons were her being polite to you because she probably wasn’t sure what you were getting at. Then when you made it clear she OBVIOUSLY doesn’t feel the same way which is why she has cut all contact. And be “wise” with the situation? Lol. What the heck does that mean. Lol

  2. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    This was posted yesterday too. You fkd up, and no one cares.. lol just get over it already and keep your creepy stories to yourself.. lol

  3. You again… face it lady you misread her actions for being more and she didn’t reciprocate. Move on and don’t practically stalk your next “crush”

  4. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Try having a crush on a man …..might clear things uP for you

  5. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    It’s called a shrink. Get one you nut!

  6. She’s uncomfortable and doesn’t know how to reply with out hurting you

  7. Ann Shilka Ann Shilka says:

    Is this Shout out Edmonton real letters or just someone sitting at a desk making stuff up?

    • Marie says:

      Ann Shilka – Such idiotic and wonky posts more often than not … makes one wonder, doesn’t it.

  8. You are a married woman you nasty ass. Get a grip on life. She has a husband also. Why do people cheat? If you are not happy in your marriage be honest and tell your spouse and then move on. Stop being a home wrecker


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