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Hello everyone, I have a question of curiosity for those who took a course at Norquest College, particularly the Hospital Unit Clerk program.

Do anyone know if it’s a MUST to passed the Keyboarding requirement of 45 wpm?? I am currently enrolled and I have passed all the other courses so far but I was 6 words short on the Keyboarding exam which my instructor informed me that I need to do the challenge exam. I’m worry I won’t be able to achieve the 45 wpm and I want to know would they make me repeat this course and would this prevent me from starting my practicum right after this month?

I don’t mind having to repeat the course even though I will try my best to increase the word count but I don’t want it to hold me back from practicum as I already booked the time off work.

Anyone know or know anyone that would know the answer to this? I’m a bit scared here!! When I took a course at CDI, I passed all my course except Keyboarding and it did not hold me back so just needs helpful answers.



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  1. Randi Doucet Randi Doucet says:

    HAVE to be over 45wpm or you fail. It’s a requirement, they aren’t lenient about it either. They won’t let you move onto the practicum.

  2. Shelley Peck Shelley Peck says:

    Great program ; but very few to none AHS jobs … so working at doctors office for 15$

  3. Kels Oh Kels Oh says:

    Try these practice web games, typershark, test my wpm etc I practiced and now I’m at 80wpm and 10,000ks/hr for 10 key

  4. Freya Adams Freya Adams says:

    You should have been practicing every day; they had my class do typing every single day to get our speed up. So if you’re going into practicum and are still less than 45 wpm ya better get at it. Google typing websites, there’s a couple good ones to help you practice. Most unit clerk jobs won’t hire you if you don’t have the minimum typing speed.

  5. You need to pass all requirements in order to move on to practicum.

  6. Any reputable school will not give someone a diploma or certificate if they haven’t met the requirements.

  7. I just failed the Keyboarding BUSN 1165 at NorQuest College. For reasons of Nerve damage, I cannot type more than 30 wpm. I have other issues also with other HUC program courses, but as long as WCB is paying the bills I love to learn. I am determined to pass the all impotent Medical terminology. No practicum expected here.

  8. Take a keyboarding course

  9. My friend is in this course right now and her instructor told her the she needed to pass the terminology in order to go to practicum. Check with your school send an email to your advisor they will be able to tell you for sure

  10. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    It comes with experience. Don’t worry too much about it.

  11. Practice, practice.i took the course last year and graduated in april. I got a job with ahs by july! You need to pass all your classes before you go on practicum


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