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Dad of the Year…Maybe?

So my friends son has just turned 18 recently and my friend decided he wanted to get him a special gift. Seeing as his son is quite socially awkward and has yet to kiss a girl my friend decided to buy him an…ahem escort.

Basically he paid for his son to lose his virginity. He paid the lady well and made sure to choose one that was her own boss and not pimped out. Do you think this was a good welcome to manhood gift?



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  1. Dear lord is this real life?

  2. Lisa Gelinas Lisa Gelinas says:

    Stupidest shit ever.

  3. Maybe “dad” should have spent more time with him helping him be less socially awkward. Or perhaps the young fella turned out this way BECAUSE of his Dad and that’s how Dad gets his jollies.
    Either way, teaching by example in this case is a long lost concept..

  4. No! Women are not objects to be purchased and consumed. We are not some sort of trophy for your 18th birthday. Purchasing women doesn’t make you a “man”.

  5. Caitlyn Marie Spence, ya, I think it’s just her being Bold, of course I’m assuming that!! Lol

  6. I have heard of this b4 in my past old school for a dad to to that.

  7. No i would be furious if this were my son

  8. Just WTF???
    No, really, WTF????

  9. I hope the intention was to teach confidence, but even if it did, it came with a side helping of objectifying women. That harsh truth of the matter will now slap this young man upside the head as soon as he meets a girl he truly likes, who may NOT do whatever he wants.

  10. Sounds like a terrible way to teach the value of relationships and more importantly the value of a woman .that boy may develop very unhealthy patterns now I hope for his sake he doesn’t. I sure feel sorry for his first partner is he thinks sex is something to be demanded ,he is in for a rude awakening! I dunno this is how my gut responded to this .but I’m not anyone to judge these are just my thoughts …

  11. Wow, absolutely gross! What’s the big deal if the kid is 18 and a virgin? That dad is a dick!

  12. Matt Stober Matt Stober says:

    If this offends you shut the fuck up, white women have to get offended over everything just cause their kids ignore them and their husbands hate them

  13. Alana Finch Alana Finch says:

    no actually wtf is wrong with your friend

  14. Mj Mank Mj Mank says:

    Biloxi blues sort of

  15. That’s gonna get really awkward, really fast, if the reason he hasn’t kissed a girl is because they’re not his thing.

  16. Way to teach your son Morals. Let’s just hire a call girl.

  17. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    Shameful … your first time should be with someone you love .. not an escort .

  18. Jesus Christ. What better way to turn a boy into a man than teach him to objectify and commodify women. This is disgusting.

  19. This is an incredibly old fashioned, unhealthy, mentally damaging thing to do to a teen.
    Dad of the year? No. More like John of the Dirtbags.

  20. Gross… maybe be a parent and teach him how to talk to and treat girls. I can’t imagine that helped the kids self esteem in any way.

  21. I call bullshit. Nice try fkr

  22. Jenn Clyne-Taylor you said “maybe he is trying to break him out of his shell” I gave responses as to why the man may not have needed his shell broken, and why it wasn’t the father’s business. So, pray tell, what exactly was bold of me to say? Or are you just a fan of cliche phrases?

  23. Jenn Clyne-Taylor you said “maybe he is trying to break him out of his shell” I gave responses as to why the man may not have needed his shell broken, and why it wasn’t the father’s business. So, pray tell, what exactly was bold of me to say? Or are you just a fan of cliche phrases?

  24. Cody Robdrup Cody Robdrup says:

    Ahh fuck who cares! To each their own!

  25. I didn’t say the dad was right in what he did. Yet again bold of you to assume.

  26. That is so wrong, so awkward, so gross. Way to start the kid out on a path to how to treat women the wrong way.

  27. Living a dream thru his son. His was not his place and I feel bad for the boy.

  28. No. Being a man isn’t defined by having sex. What a gross loser dad. Honestly. What pressure to put on his son. He should be free to have sex when he’s ready and wants. Not when his fuck job dad tells him. Gross.

  29. Way to pimp your son out… proud moment I’m sure!
    What ever happened to taking your kid to the bar now they’re legal at 18… nope let’s see if the kid can get an STD he will have for the rest of his life! Yep great plan

  30. Think he woulda been better off with $ for a happy ending massage lol

  31. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    I’m curious what the son thought? The kid is 18… I’m sorry but that’s still young as hell.

  32. Jenn Clyne-Taylor still not dad’s place to do so. Sex doesn’t make a man. Maybe the son wanted to wait until marriage. Maybe he was abused and dad didn’t know. Maybe he just didn’t want to, which is absolutely his right. Dad or not, it was absolutely not his place.

  33. Caitlyn Marie Spence maybe dad is trying to break him out of his shell? Pretty bold of you to ASSUME.

  34. Rhon Magyar Rhon Magyar says:

    omg. WHAT A LOSER. great way to teach a young man what women and relationships are about. with something like that as a “dad”, no wonder the kid has social issues.

  35. Although, his heart may be in the right place and that he wants to help his son and give him experiences. I don’t think it’s his place to set up a sexual experience, especially his first. It should be his decision. Plus he may have done things. I never went to my dad describing my sexual experiences at that age. Now I know escorts are out there trying to earn money anyway they can from any reason to they like it to they had one hell of a F-ed up childhood but why expose him to someone in a high-risk lifestyle? If they’re out- could he be arrested for solicitation? Sex ed? condoms? STD testing? Will he be safe from harm even though she was paid generously? Should we teach an impressionable- barely legal kid to purchase sex or that the only reason he had it was because she was paid by dad? How is that helping his social awkwardness and confidence? You can get it as long as you got them dollars! Bold move but I think he should really be thinking of what situations or risks he’s exposing his son to and what his son actually wants… and if these obstacles are bothering him.

  36. Oldest profession on the planet.

  37. Eh happy birthday bro, whadyaado?

  38. Andrea Rozgo Andrea Rozgo says:

    I’ll take “Things That Never Happened” for 500, Alex

  39. Disgusting. Let him find his own girl friend. Now he will be wanting to pay for escorts which he probably can’t afford. Gross.

  40. How do you know she’s not pimped out? Even some escorts have a “behind the scenes” pimp

  41. I hope the dad had the escort checked for STD’s and blood borne disease before he potentially ruined his son’s health forever.

  42. Clinton Kirk Clinton Kirk says:

    Sounds like a great Dad to me.

  43. No. Maybe he could have gotten him a socialization course instead. How embarrassing for his son.

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