To the IGNORANT female driver on QE2 from Ponoka to Leduc area:

We had this young thing either tailgating us or driving like a lunatic the whole way from exit 604 all the way to Glen Park road today(Aprox 5pm to 6pm)!!

Older model *Infinity MDX, medium blue, license plate VWB 7**! She had at least one other young woman with her and was OBLIVIOUS to other vehicles. Girl, it was VERY busy for a Friday, and you are an ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN! We had a half ton and I could NOT see the front half of your hood, as you were just a few feet from my back bumper. Your ignorant little friend had her feet up on the dash(another disaster in the making), and you were blonde with glasses.

The owner of the blue Dodge Ram in front of us was not impressed either; especially when you cut in front of me THREE times to get in about 4′ behind him! You drove in the middle of the two lanes for quite awhile. You cut off at least SIX vehicles while on the same stretch of road I was on…And I would’ve called RCMP, if my phone had been connected to the Bluetooth in our truck(hubby had his connected, so you’re lucky!!)

There really needs to be a lot more common sense when driving in such a busy time and on a crowded highway!


Does anyone know this young lady? Is this your teenager? If so, promptly ask her for her driver’s license and cut the GD thing up in front of her! She needs some driver training, and not be allowed on even a farmer’s field until she does!!

*photo is what the SUC closely resembled, and was a medium blue in colour



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  1. Jody Mitoma says:

    Yes, this is my teenager. I have decided to cut up her drivers license and exile her to Siberia as punishment for her crimes against your older model Infinity MDX Sport Utility Vehicle. Justice is done this day.

  2. Weirdo drivers out today. And people think the speed limit should go up!

  3. So….thats an Acura in the picture and you say it was an Infiniti? Maybe figure out your vehicles and find a proper picture.

  4. Diane Peters Diane Peters says:

    You should’ve taken a video and sent it to the police.

  5. Jody Oliver Jody Oliver says:

    So much wrong with your story. I love how you know exactly what someone in another vehicle thought of the person you are accusing.

    And if they were such a terrible driver, why not slow down and get away from them, since you’re apparently not competent enough to call in and report them.

    And you couldn’t phone because your husbands phone was connected to Bluetooth. Did it ever occur to you to use your husbands phone then to call in?

  6. I don’t understand why you couldn’t call it in? She could cause a major accident

  7. Rob Finch Rob Finch says:


  8. Pagan Heart Pagan Heart says:

    Idiot fucking drivers. Seems to be a whole lot more around these days

  9. Vera Milo Vera Milo says:

    If you had the time to write this up….you definitely should have called the cops if she was such a erratic driver.

  10. You gotta slow down and let idiots like that pass. Then wave at them further down the road when they are pulled over or in the ditch.

  11. Carmen Jane Carmen Jane says:

    Here’s a reply to the person who wrote this. Your story is complete bullshit. Also. None of anything you described makes sense on the actual highway. Also. Someone with their feet up on the dash in the passenger seat does nothing to hamper the driver but piss your ass off. And yes. As a driver it’s tour job to also be aware that there are young drivers out there as well. If you were so threatened and worried about lives being saved you may have pulled over yourself. However I’m willing to bet money this didn’t happen. You seemed to be with her vehicle all the way. You sewer this site with ur bullshit post when indeed it does nothing to help anyone else except give u a jolly and a few facebook likes. You post a pic of car that not even the actual one. Kid was bad on the road. Your bad on the net. Get a life.

    • I think all they meant about the feet being up on the dash is that if god forbid they were to get in an accident, having their feet/legs up like that would cause them major injurys

  12. And I thought I wasted my time. Haha

  13. I think it is more fun when a driver pulls off a side street in front of you then proceed to drive in the on coming lane then cut back in front of you just to turn left again. I suspect she does not have a license and does not know how to drive safely. Just as a precaution i stayed back just watching her and being ready to avoid an accident.

  14. Sassie Brit Sassie Brit says:

    So call 911 of you suspect an impaired driver

  15. I think what people usually miss is the fact that if you can’t see the driver’s mirrors in front of you, THEY CANT SEE YOU!!!!!
    Bumper chasers suck.


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