Day care and subsidy

I’m hoping fellow parents would share what they pay for childcare in stony plain/spruce groce or west Edmonton. Either day care and/or day home, registered or not. Also, what is the income cap off to qualify for subsidy? If we don’t qualify for subsidies can we claim it on taxes at least? I’ve tried the governments website but it wont let me open the estimate link to find this information. We’re married and our child will be one by the time he’s placed in childcare. Thanks so much Edmonton!


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  1. There is a subsidy calculator online you can use. I pay $525 a month for before and after school care. Hours are important, if they don’t meet the monthly quota, you don’t get subsidy

  2. Becky Betts Becky Betts says:

    I believe the cap is $60,000 depending on the size of your family. Full subsidy begins to decrease down to only a portion from… is it 40k? I think. Again, dependant on the size of the family. All child care can be claimed on taxes- even if you receive subsidy. Give them a shout with your circumstances. I’m sure they can answer your questions better than we can.

  3. Lynn Anne Lynn Anne says:

    You have to use IE to open the pages (the estimator) Unfortunately, the pages don’t open in Google

  4. Try to find one of the NDP’s $25 a day daycares because you can still use subsidy with them.

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