Daycare problem update

I posted few months ago my son’s dayhome lady I think maybe not appropriate. He has some bruises in penis area. When I asked her she say he falls (he is 3) but that is strange to only bruises there. He does not talk very much we are second language new to Canada and he is special needs autism.
I put complaint and Social Services said thet investigated but find no proof of abuse. But they tell lady ahead of time they coming so I do not understand how this is accurate.
I do not get subsidy and this lady give me discount because she know my husband from back home. I cannot work without dayhome and I cannot find this price anywhere else and not work I will lose Canada home.
I think she suspects I am the one who complained but she is nice to my face. My son has no bruises now but she is always finding problems like I did not bring diapers or I am bad mom because I forgot sunscreen one day to put in. I never forget diapers but I tell her if she used more than usual let me know so I bring them not tell me what I do wrong after we come tell me evening before and I pack what needed.
I am looking another place but not find price and location so I feel stuck. My son seem happy there but I feel bad mom the lady owner I feel is mean to me compared to other parents but how to find proof she picks me?



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  1. Doug says:

    Whatever your situation is….if he has bruises where you say he does, how could you let him return to that situation for one second longer? You’re basically allowing the abuse to continue because it’s cheaper. That’s not being judgmental or unsympathetic to your financial situation, the fact is your son can’t defend himself and if you don’t, who will? Ffs.


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