Dear scammer

Why do you are tell people on free food sites how you have no food to feed your family but then the next day your selling a brand-new mk purse and looking to get a custom cake done.

Dont you know that people see this and don’t feel sorry for you at all when every few weeks your looking for handouts?



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  1. Angela Budd Angela Budd says:

    Brand new purse could have been a gift they received and don’t like or perhaps desperate for food and need the money. And who’s to say they are the ones paying for the custom cake?? Perhaps her mom or mother in law said you get what you want made and I’ll pay. Point is, You don’t know people’s circumstances and it is certainly not your place to judge.

    For myself as example just had to shell out $1800 we didn’t have to get our car fixed unexpectedly. So yeah..we are broke right now and did what we had to do so my husband could get to work. Doesn’t mean every paycheque is like that.

  2. There are some people that do take advantage of it.. I agree but others do need help and truly need it

  3. I knew someone who was totally a scammer. (Someone I knew IRL) I called them out when I saw the post and I got banned from the page.

    After that, I decided I will only donate to charities and official organizations and in turn, the people in need can seek help from those places.

    • I 100% agree!! Also, if people in true need are getting food, etc. from FB pages, agencies don’t have a true idea of how many are in need, and this is an important thing!! Also sick of hearing of good people who have been taken advantage of… more coins to street beggars, no more FB hand-outs, etc. Maybe people are too lazy and FB begging is so very much easier…….sorry, but I am so sick and tired of everyone having their hand out and pissed off when you don’t give them enough!

  4. The gramr polise out are full forse lol

  5. Is this really a necessary comment .. Lisa Wood

  6. Nicole Bourgeois, LW has no life, therefore being a grammar nazi is all she has, pity!

  7. No kidding .. ppl are cruel ..

  8. yup, they have a phone, gel nail, colored hair, etc etc, opportunists.

  9. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    You don’t know the whole story so you can just keep scrolling. Nobody needs your judgement and I’m sure they don’t care.

  10. Win Chan Win Chan says:

    I used to get money from Albertaworks way back in the day when I came here in my old car just with clothes and toothbrushes, and stayed in the Salvation Army Homeless Shelters. How Albertaworks functioned was that you showed continuous proof of looking for work and bank statements (as proof that you weren’t spending money needlessly) and they cut you cheques for basic living necessities. The cheques were the absolute last resort so if they saw in any way you could have got by otherwise, you weren’t getting them. The Shelter fed you and gave you a place to sleep, with the same requirements. Then when you finally find a job, they’ll cut you one last one for work boots and whatever else you need for that particular job, and getting by until the first paycheque. If you’re currently renting and are given an eviction notice, you can bring that to them and they’ll lend you a hand given the rent amount is reasonable given your circumstances. I was young and single so they were rough with me; the family people with kids received much more generous support (but, they looked closely at their bank statements and proof of work searches). One guy I worked with who had 3 kids and was laid off, was given much more and even had his Class 3 paid for just to get him off the system and so he could get work.


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