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I’m in my early 40s and I had to dentures. I hate them so much I’m not sure if they are poor quality or it’s me. I’ve tried everything. My confidence has been killed since I got them. I don’t want to date…it affects my career.

I would like to get permanent ones especially my top. But it’s literally 20,000.00 each piece (upper and lower). There is no help for this stuff. I don’t know how they consider teeth cosmetic. I don’t have benefits over adult health benefit. There is a granting place in Canada but they only cover 30% if you get it.

I am willing to travel to somewhere where it’s cheaper? Does anyone have suggestions where I wouldn’t wake up missing a kidney?

People assume it’s something I must of done…or drug related. It’s not. It’s a combination of bad genetics and being part of the baby bottle sugar generation.

Or if there’s any help here? I’m willing to even work with students. I’ve looked at NAIT and they don’t do permanent.

Thank you for advice and suggestions



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  1. Hazel White Hazel White says:

    Mexico all the way. We had implant done there and the work of this one dental office is beyond amazing. Please pm if you interested to know the contact

  2. I recommend meadowlark denture clinic for an interim solution he is great at his work to help you feel comfortable now

  3. Shawn Blair Shawn Blair says:

    Dentamerica in PV.
    I’ve had a ton of stuff there(partials root canal etc). 2 weeks away and dentist bills, I saved over $7009 for the same work here.
    Ask for Kirk

  4. Puerto Vallarta Mexico

  5. Lisa Marie Lisa Marie says:

    My neighbours went to Dentomerica in Mexico. I will be going there for a bridge. I was quoted 1500.00 for a job that was quoted 3500.00 here in Canada.

    I can get an all inclusive vacation, save money and get my teeth done instead of paying a dentist here in Edmonton.

    I was told several Canadians and Americans go there.

    Hang in there.

  6. Kate Ward Kate Ward says:

    Not helpful I know, but I saw this and laughed.

  7. Krista LaRue Krista LaRue says:

    I also had a friend just go to Mexico for implants on every single tooth. They quoted him 40,000$ for the whole job. He got it done for less than half of that including his flights and accommodation.

    Edited: Circle dental in los algodones is where he got it done. He’s only 40 as well and didn’t want dentures.

  8. I’ve never heard of dental implants being that much per tooth. My mom got one for $5000, in Edmonton.

  9. I know people who go to Mexico for dental work. Very cheap.

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