Desperately seeking employment

I’m a 31 year old man (Korean, Irish), married with two children. My wife and children have moved out of the city and I am looking to join them as soon as I am in a better position to care for them. I am in desperate need of a job. I know there are lots of people in the same boat.

I am currently homeless; however I am actively seeking full time employment. I am receiving income support until I am able to obtain a permanent position.

I am a trained security guard however I do not have an active licence and am a very quiet, respectful and hardworking family man. It is killing me to not be able to be with my family.

I am hoping I sound like a good fit for any positions available I am not above cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, washing dishes or minimum wage. I am looking for a reputable company as I have been approached by a few private businesses for some work, however the pay never came. Please feel free to reply to me via email. As I have no phone at this time.

I can disclose anything you are asking for, and I love to shovel snow when the weather brings it on. I am also looking for a room to rent for at least 6 months.


I am working on getting my driver’s licence as well, I do have my learners (GDL). So being near a bus route or major shopping center would be beneficial however as long as I can find a bus route that will get me as close as possible I can walk from there. I have steel toe boots and work clothes. I am determined to find the work I need. I am looking for something that will lead to greater potential and long term employment.

I would like to stay North End or St. Albert Area preferably. As it’s as close as I can get to my family.


(Admin: Sorry, but I removed your resume from this post. I do wish you the very best though.)




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  1. Jack says:

    There is lots of work out there right now. You just have to go out there and apply yourself. E-mailing your resume does nkt cut it. Go in there and talk to someody, with your resume on hand.

  2. The city of edmonton has a lot of job postings, try applying there !

  3. Gordon Food Service might be hiring! Warehouse workers, drivers…


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