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I’m not sure if anyone can help but I had gestational diabetes while pregnant and have an unopened box of Humalog Insulin.

It’s expensive to buy and since I’ve paid for it and no longer in need of it, is there anywhere I can donate it to for someone in need/limited income?

Any information is appreciated.



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  1. Return it to any pharmacy…..

  2. Jessica Boz Jessica Boz says:

    JDRF Edmonton will take it. They will make sure it gets to a family that needs it

  3. Marie Krista Marie Krista says:

    You can offer on buy and sells. But a pharmacy will discard it.

  4. It’s illegal to give away/sell/donate or whatever any type of prescription. It needs to be returned to any pharmacy. Failure to do so can result in charges.

  5. There are diabetes pay it forward groups

  6. Lauren May Lauren May says:

    Try and donate to lois hole womens center!

  7. Any nursing home will probably take them. Or contact Terra Association. They may have a pregnant teen who could use them.

  8. You can drop it off at the JDRF office. We have a connection with Insulin for Life
    And they will come and pick up at our office. It goes to 3rd world countries where they desparately need it! As long as it’s unooened and not expired they will accept it.

  9. Most places have policies not to accept donations of medicine because it may be tampered with. That being said when I worked at a location and a lady brought in insulin from when she had gestational diabetes, instead of it being thrown out, I was able to take it as my dog has diabetes.

  10. Alicia Toore Alicia Toore says:

    I can’t answer this but coming from a family of women with diabetes this is amazing! Thank you for wanting to donate, insulin is incredibly expensive. ❤

  11. When I worked for an eye surgeon, we donated all of our expired samples of (human) eye drops to the vet. Try there.

  12. Dianne Slade Dianne Slade says:

    The UAH pharmacy phoned and asked for the remainder of an expensive cancer drug kept in the fridge to be used on other patients.


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