Did You Almost Hit Someone On Friday At Noon? You Know Who You Are

Was it my subtle bright red tank top that startled you so bad that you didn’t even look when you made a left hand turn onto 97street from 42 avenue when I was 1/4 way across the street with the light in my favour? You were stopped at the light, what was it that made you decide it would be a good day to hit me? The irony in the reason you didn’t manage to hit me will blow you away.

Since my mother was killed by a car I am scared to cross the street. I trust nobody and step out off the curb the way Bambi steps out into the meadow until I see everyone has stopped. Even though I had the right to cross at the crosswalk and you’re supposed to wait to make your left hand turn, I just second guessed that you weren’t going to wait for me, so I paused as you turned left and gave a stupid little “oopsie” face as you went by me close enough that I could have touched your car.
The reason I was at that particular crosswalk (with the light in my favour, did I mention that?) was that I was headed to the MADD office. I’ve become quite involved with them since my mother got killed by a driver who turned left without waiting for her to cross. Were you drunk, too? Or just stupid?



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