Did you have to bring your kids?

Dear parents with a baby on Saturday afternoon’s production of Les Mis…I hope your infant got a lot out of the experience. I mean, everyone was crying but squawking and fussing was a bit overkill. Dear parents of the hoard of older kids – not that you noticed but your kids were bored by the third number but kudos for not giving them your cell phones to play road games on. Did you explain about the prostitutes? You’re probably the type to ban Disney from your house for unfavourable contant. With all the things that they have around the city for kids to do (and, gee, did you ever think of entertaining them yourselves?) why on earth would you take your kids to a musical as intense and grown up as Les Mis? I’m sure you think that just because they stayed in their seats that they were well behaved. The boy with his feet up on the seat in front of him has not chance in learning that’s inappropriate as his mother was doing the same thing but at least she wasn’t flipping the empty seat beside her. That seat that was empty, by the way because the couple who couldn’t stand your little darling moved away.

I’m sure this will have someone thinking I hate kids – I love kids. I just can’t stand stupid parents.



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  1. Doug says:

    Do you have a window sticker that says “My child has 4 paws”? If so, I think I parked beside you that night.


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