Diphtheria in Edmonton

Global News reports two new cases of diphtheria in Edmonton. This is all due to the criminally irresponsible actions of anti-vaccine groups.

It is high time both School Boards banned any unvaccinated students from entering their doors.



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  1. Criminal? What’s the crime?

  2. If y’all vaccinated,what are you worried about. It’s called freedom of choice. What’s next. Oh yeah erosion of freedom of speech.

  3. There is nothing criminal in not vaccinating. Perhaps it would do good for you to learn the basic definion of law.

    • Eila Ollinheimo it should be criminal! !!, have fun home schooling

    • You have very weird concept of crime. How about human rights like deciding over your own body instead of control by someone else. You sound like a nazi. Old times they used to force sterilization too. Then I would not expect you to undertand these complicated concepts with your level of education.

    • Eila Ollinheimo let me guess……you don’t believe in vaccinations?

    • I have had the basics and when travelling to specific high risk countries. The current ones are not the same as prior the introduction of adjuvants. You do not need 11 shots when there is no huge outbreaks. There are many considerations but for some it is all simple as they do not think for themselves or do extensive research. They rather let others do the thinking and decision making.

    • Nikki West Nikki West says:

      Eila Ollinheimo you can have control over your body and not vaccinate but then you shouldn’t be allowed in public areas where you can expose other people to illness. Otherwise you’re taking away their control of their body.

    • Whoa you really are a nazi. Should I carry a fabric badge in my chest too? People do not just pop ill out of the blue. You are not a carrier of all the non present diseases just because you are not vaccinated. Besides I can not be vaccinated as I am immune compromised due to an autoimmune disease. But I do not expect you to even know what that is. How about you educate yourself and become healthy so that you do not have to fear to die from every illness that may present themselves. Even as immune compromised I do not get sick while the others seem to be weak to every bug around.

    • Eila Ollinheimo Not all autoimmune people are as lucky as yourself.

  4. The child was vaccinated. His eczema/immune system concerns are the reasons why he got ill twice. And if other children are vaccinated, they should be fine.
    The mom of this boy was clear on being pro-vaccine

  5. You anti’s are the idiots. Unfortunately, it is your children who will pay.

  6. Well being that I have been involved in both cases of this outbreak. I can assure you it did not start in the schools. However it is a problem with anti vaxxers not wanting to vaccinate their children. This disease was declared non-existent in the year 2000 and now it’s back with a vengeance. I wonder why?

  7. Irene Bakker Irene Bakker says:

    A lot of these viruses are being brought in by immigration so maybe they should put a halt on that too

  8. Yeah get your facts straight and read before judging others.

  9. it’s a naturally occuring bacteria it is not only transmitted human to human. Considering it’s a second exposure its more likely something in his environment infecting him because of his skin condition. Funny how people are always like vaccinate your kids when there are far more adults that are not up to date on their shots or haven’t had any if the new vaccines introduced since the mid 80s. the ones they did have are not life long 25% of the population loose it after 8 years 50% after 16 years. With the dtap we know it’s not effective on most of the population after 8- 10 years. So if you haven’t had any shot in the last 10 years you are probably not vaccinated anymore either. It’s just too bad it’s part of the combo shot and not offered on it’s own.

  10. The kid was vaccinated, was every human he came into contact with vaccinated? Otherwise due to herd immunity the OP is right. Maybe not how they intended but they are

  11. Amy Gibson Amy Gibson says:

    Get your facts straight it’s 1 child that had it 2 times as he has a Rare condition that vaccinated will not work he can’t help that it is happening to him

  12. Viruses can travel whether you’re vaccinated or not. The whole point is to lessen the likelihood of an outbreak. There’s millions of people with conditions that cause their bodies to become more susceptible to viruses. Don’t think it’s just cancer patients going through treatment or unvaccinated people at risk. As someone with an autoimmune disease, I will always be vaccinated, but that doesn’t always mean I’ll be safe whether I mingle with people who believe in vaccinations or not.

    The antivax stuff is absolutely astounding, BUT knowledge is key here. Don’t judge a book by the cover. Collect all the information before you make these sorts of comments.

  13. Again…. check your facts OP.

  14. It is true that this child is vaccinated and because of a low immune system got diphtheria. However it is children like this that rely on children that have their vaccinations. This poor child got diphtheria from somewhere.

    • Brittney Dayon also some people are just simply carriers of these diseases and show no signs of it…I.e typhoid mary! I hope they can figure out where he’s gotten this. I have eczema myself and worry about this all the time. You can get diphtheria simply from being in the same room when an infected person sneezes. This is no joke that’s for sure!

    • Stephanie L Brady oh yes I understand this; however the rate of instances are drastically reduced with vaccinations.

  15. Wow if you would have read the news posts the mother reached out and this is the same kids second time getting it and he IS fully vaccinated as well.

    • Kate-Lynn Naismith but the kid is immune suppressed. Can be vaccinated all you want, but being suppressed it won’t work as well.

    • Mandy Pickett hence why herd immunity is so important but anti-vaxxers cant understand this concept

    • That herd immunity does not do anything when a carrier enters the picture. A carrier is not someone who suddenly pops ill like snapping your fingers. Immune compromised can get ill from vaccine shedding from live vaccines. Read case study for example on rubella. Your statement is childish and you refer on one case. Even a cut in finger can be fatal with complications so try to put things in perspective. The herd immunity does not mean 100% either and varies by the disease.

  16. Just cus a child / adult gets immunizations nothing is 100 % it’s truly helps but reality is having it is better than not

  17. So not cool……there is a saying “Those who stir the pot should have to lick the spoon.” I’m thinking the OP should suck it up and lick the spoon!

  18. Before commenting and creating gossip, the original poster should have read the news article. This child is vaccinated but has a compromised immune system. The same child was diagnosed with diphtheria previously.

  19. The kid was vaccinated though. I heard it on the news

  20. ted fenning says:


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