Dirty Dish Rag Guy

Dear Dirty Dishrag Guy,

I did not intend to give you herpes. In fact, once I found out I was crushed. I went to my doctor and found out that yes, I have herpes.

I am torn because, when I met you, if you recall correctly, I discovered I was employed with your ex. You were all to happy to take me out and start a relationship.

I decided I wasn’t into it due to your being into dudes and being into guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just find it unfair you posting I gave you herpes but forgot to mention your into guys, dressing up like a girl, and your ex basically used you to get her Visa here.

I guess when you’re born in Jamaica you have to do what you haf fi do. Like fucking fat cows and sexual deviants.



22 Responses

  1. What happened to the Shoutout Edmonton that we used to have? All I see anymore is this kinda crap and it’s becoming tiresome.

  2. Sarah Anne Sarah Anne says:

    These posts shouldn’t even make it into here.

  3. Ginny Wiebe Ginny Wiebe says:

    This page is more and more like a gross confessions page all the time…

  4. Brad Daniels Brad Daniels says:

    Who’s even approving this shit? Some of this stuff is borderline if not full on bullying

  5. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    Take this type of shit to Edmonton confessions not shoutout. No one here cares to here about the dirty dishrag you banged

  6. Shouldn’t this be on Edmonton confessions? Who approves these posts?

  7. Brandon Hogg Brandon Hogg says:

    Jody Mitoma can you please have a look at this?

  8. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    are we pissed or what???

  9. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    I just got cancer from reading that. Actual fucking cancer, I’m sure of it.

  10. I don’t even understand this post…. so did you already know? Or you didn’t know? Are you gay or are you not? I need answers

  11. Amanda Colp Amanda Colp says:

    Safe sex people! if u sleep around get tested often. Wrapping isnt just for Christmas presents!!

    (Yes i understand they can break)

  12. Erin Saville Erin Saville says:

    Is it just me or is she Calling herself a sexual deviant? I guess it’s not too far off since she’s the one with the herp. Weird ass post all around though. Take it to that gross confessions page


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