Dirty Tables

Why do people shame others for not cleaning their tables at fast food restaurants and food courts? You aren’t doing anyone any favours. In fact you’re doing more harm than good. Not only are you taking away jobs, you’re allowing a perfect environment for germs to grow.

If everyone “cleans” their tables the staff will not come out from behind the counter with their sanitizer to wipe down the tables and chairs. Nor will they notice the amount of dirt tracked in and small pieces of garbage strewn about. Think about the turnover in these places. Is a once a night cleaning really okay with you?



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  1. Trish Down Trish Down says:

    Another human justified in their need to be lazy

  2. Cee Dee Hawn Cee Dee Hawn says:

    Because youre a fckng pig with no manners.
    Find a trough bish.

  3. Leah Jeanie Leah Jeanie says:

    I SHAME people because it’s disrespectful and rude to leave it a pig sty, COMMON sense. As for the tables not being cleaned, they are if it is properly managed. Don’t be a douche and #cleanyourtable

  4. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Sometimes I leave my shopping cart too… lmfao

  5. Don’t listen to this slob and clean up after your damn selves lol the workers should always clean the table too JS, if they don’t then stop eating where it isn’t being done.

  6. So by all means be a slob…

  7. People should clean up after themselves people are not pigs

  8. I think it’s basic etiquette to throw out your leftovers and set your tray where it belongs. No one expects you to whip out a travel-sized bottle of Lysol and get to work on rendering that table spotless, but come on, throw your trash out. Leaving out trash and food scraps isn’t some clever way of ensuring the food court is cleaned more vigilantly. It’s lazy, and I’d argue that making a food court employee walk your leftovers to the garbage can each time is likely to slow them down in trying to get other things done during their shifts.

  9. Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

    My nephew was happy when I told him we had our seats booked at the VIP. He was happy that people who leave a mess might get a phone call or a charge next time.
    I had to tell him I’m happy that he wants people to be held accountable but that’s not how it worked.
    Although I’d rather raise kids that will change the world not adapt to other peoples bad behavior.

  10. Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

    Kristen Smith yes! And hand sanitizers on all the keychains and bag pulls.

  11. Jenna Unrau Jenna Unrau says:

    It’s called common sense and decency. That’s why you clear your mess.

  12. Jena Sandra Jena Sandra says:

    Omg I know right? And hey we don’t want to put city cleanup workers out of work…we really need to start throwing our car garbage onto the side of the road and dropping our trash onto sidewalks.

  13. I completely agree you forget fast food places are bringing in computerized checkouts for yourself now so the only way young people will have jobs is to clean tables

  14. Cheri Lund Cheri Lund says:

    Dear OP: your “adult” failed to load.
    Please reboot.
    And grow tfu. 🙂

    Good luck in life!

    Have a nice day!

  15. It’s just good upbringing and good manners to clean up after yourself. You are a part of the problems of this world

  16. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    You must be the child of a helicopter parent. Spoiled and entitled much. Perhaps you need to work at McDonald’s for a year to learn what respect is

  17. Diane Wilson Diane Wilson says:

    People who leave their trash behind are lazy. How would you feel if someone came to your workplace and actively made your job harder??

  18. Cindy Moore Cindy Moore says:

    I’ve taught my children they must clean up after they eat at fast food joints & ALWAYS take the cart back to the proper spots! It’s called being considerate human beings!

  19. Don’t be lazy. Throw your trash out. They aren’t your mother.
    And MOST not all, but most places have people cleaning tables all the time. Regardless if there is food on it or not.
    If you don’t like it eat at home.

  20. Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguin says:

    I never thought I could lose brain cells just from reading something but fuck me if this didn’t do it.

  21. People are paid to clean up,itsnot being lazy or slobbish. So suck it up

  22. Yvonne Dean Yvonne Dean says:

    In absolute agreement.

  23. Leslie Berg Leslie Berg says:

    Lol that’s a good excuse for being a lazy inconsiderate ass

  24. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    That’s like telling people to leave a giant turd in the toilet in a public restroom, so the next person can enjoy the filth. WTF? Be a decent human being and be respectful and courteous!!

  25. Lmao!!! What a drawn out explanation as to why you’re lazy…..

  26. Tom Kinakin Tom Kinakin says:

    Never thought of it that way.

  27. Frig at my food court they take your trays if they see youre done

  28. Clean it AND push your chair in too.

  29. Ha ha ha now if only all the people on here cleaning the tables would be keeping the streets here clean too! I’ve lived in cities all across western Canada and this is the dirtiest by far.

  30. Karley Marie Karley Marie says:

    Even in a restaurant I make sure the dishes are nicely stacked and easy to carry and the tables clean so they just have to wipe and set after taking the dishes to the back

  31. Aileya Jo Nighttraveller not according to some ppl who tend to leave their mess.

  32. Aileya Jo Nighttraveller not according to some ppl who tend to leave their mess.

  33. What a joke. Be courteous and clean up your trash everywhere you go. Fast food. Movie theaters. Food courts.

  34. Gail Nielsen Gail Nielsen says:

    how stupid.. i clean my tables always…if you are worried about job killers never use an atm or the new pre order thing at mcdonalds or skip the dishes…these kill jobs

  35. Chelsea Noel Chelsea Noel says:

    Paranoid, much? If you think your server will be too lazy to sanitize a table, it’s probably not going to make a difference whether you clean it up or not. Maybe you should eat at home.

  36. I will never leave my garbage behind. That’s just rude. The cleaners still have to wipe the table down, and so many places don’t even do that.

  37. even at the movie theatre I will pick up my garbage and throw it out, not leave it for the workers.

  38. Ummm you can still throw out your garbage and put the tray in the pile to be cleaned. People working in the food court are not there to be your servant. I think they can figure out if a table needs to be wiped after someone gets up without people being pigs and leaving all their leftover food and garbage sitting on the table. Use your brain.

  39. Aileya Jo Nighttraveller exactly.

  40. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    1.) Do your best not to make a huge mess in the first place.
    2.) Mind your own goddamn business. There are employees paid specifically to clean mall food courts, but don’t use that as an excuse to make a mess, nor as a reason to police the actions of strangers.

    • Roxy Doc Roxy Doc says:

      Sam Douglas that’s what I was thinking too.
      Even if it is someone’s whole job just to throw away other people’s garbage, why would you want them to work harder instead of staying clean so they can polish instead.

  41. Lisa Kamal Lisa Kamal says:


  42. Sounds like an excuse to be lazy.

  43. Katie Alice Katie Alice says:

    Are you kidding? I’ve worked in fast food before. Even if people (are so nice enough) to clean off their tables, we still would go out and wipe them down. I’m happy people are commenting on the fact you leave your mess. It’s disrespectful.

  44. Because there’s no need to be a slob? You literally walk by the garbage on your way out, throw it out.
    I’m sure they sanitize it more than ‘once a night’.

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