Disabled parking concerns

It’s that time of year again where parking lots become crowded with shoppers and good parking spots can be hard to come by.

When you’re parking your vehicle, please ensure you leave enough room between your vehicle and the car next to you, so that they are able to open their car doors.

If you happen to park next to a handicapped parking spot, please keep in mind sometimes the occupants need to be able to open their door wider than usual, especially if they have a wheelchair, walking aid or if they need assistance entering the vehicle. If you have to turn sideways and squeeze between vehicles to get out of your car, how is a disabled person going to get into their vehicle especially if they use a walker or wheelchair?

Please keep in mind the disabled person may be the driver OR the passenger, so please leave ample room no matter which side of the vehicle you park on.

Also, please try not to judge. Although a person may not appear to be visibly disabled, there are many people with invisible disabilities. Although they may not walk with a limp, or be in a wheelchair, there is obviously some reason they were approved for a disabled parking placard (whether it be cancer, heart problems, breathing issues and many more possibilities )


Also please try to be mindful of the businesses who do not have a handicapped parking sign erected in front of each parking stall. Some spots have the blue disabled parking symbol painted on the road, which can be more difficult to see in snow-covered parking lots. However, they are still in effect year round. These icy conditions are also more difficult for mobility challenged people to get around in, especially if the designated spots are taken by someone who does not need it.

And finally please be patient. Please slow down and be courteous to those who require a little more time to walk to and from the store and enter their vehicles.

Thank you for listening.



8 Responses

  1. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    super great post. sad that people have to be reminded, but the fact is they do. sadder yet that some people just don’t care.

    • Marie says:

      “Ditto” Great reminder OP.
      Too many people are just so wrapped up in themselves they fail to observe and/or YES, they simply don’t care

  2. Kim Crowder Kim Crowder says:

    “Also, please try not to judge. Although a person may not appear to be visibly disabled, there are many people with invisible disabilities”

    Thank you for reminding people of this. It is not anyone’s place to judge if someone should have a handicap placard or not – that is the doctor’s decision. Not every handicapped person uses a wheelchair.

  3. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    I really appreciate people offering an arm when I rough or slippery ground can be very scary with my mobility issues

  4. I appreciate your point about the disabled person may be the driver or the passenger. My mom has MS and I drive her everywhere. I’ve seen people give me looks when I park in a handicapped spot. If they waited 2 minutes instead of “judging and running” they’d see me get her walker and take it over to the passenger side of my car.

  5. We should be kind no matter what time of year it is.


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