Distracted fb driver

To the little girl pulling off Whitemud onto north Henday at 6:40 this morning. Why are you such an idiot. I’m sure all us drivers couldn’t figure out why you were crawling onto Henday then crawling along doing 70kmh all the way until I passed you.

You were face deep in your phone! And I mean phone over driving!!!! I’ve never seen a person that deep in their phone while driving ever!

Like what’s so important that can’t wait? No time at home? No time at work? Be a model citizen like me & keep your phone in your pocket while driving, please! Our lives depend on it & you!!



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  1. Lisa Wood Lisa Wood says:

    I find that blaring my horn nonstop at the phone-obsessed helps snap them out of their phone trance.

  2. Yes , do something to wake the person up ..

  3. I hate people like this grrrrr

  4. If I have my headset I’ll call 911 and report them. EPS and RCMP have always called me back and have followed up.

  5. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    It doesn’t let me submit posts!

  6. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    I shine flashlight in their cars! Wakes them up lol

  7. Or better yet, put your phone in the trunk of our car

  8. Cee Dub Cee Dub says:

    lol “a model citizen like me”. That’s cute. In all seriousness though I fucking hate people who are on their phones while they drive.

  9. One day these fuck heads will crash bad, hope they don’t hurt anyone when they do

  10. use a paintball gun to get their attention.

  11. It’s a crime. She should be caught & hopefully will be.


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