Do I need a baptismal certificate?

If I want to enroll my child in a Catholic school in Edmonton, do I need to provide proof of baptism for one of the parents? Child is not baptized but dad is. Is this a requirement for entry? Will they ever kick us out if we aren’t able to get the certificate? Please don’t be rude, we have our reasons for enrolling in the ECSD and would hate to be turned away for this detail down the road. Are also considering getting our child baptized but don’t currently attend a Catholic church so not sure this is an option at the moment. Thanks for any insight or (positive) advice


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  1. I didn’t HAVE to give one for my son, as he is not baptized either. My husband is but I was unable to find the paper so they allowed me just to state that his dad is catholic. I believe it depends on enrolment levels but the office should be able to answer.

  2. Correct info: Yes they ask for a copy of the birth certificate!!

  3. I needed to provide proof of my child’s baptism

  4. Nicole Maher Nicole Maher says:

    Seriously, take 5 minutes and call the school you want to enroll in. Ask your questions. It’s that easy. Would have found the answer faster than it took to write this post.

  5. We were never asked. Our son started at one catholic school and then transferred to another catholic school.

  6. We had to show my certificate. Our kids are not baptized. If there is no certificate, enrollment is given to Catholics first, and then if there is space and you live in the catchment area, you.

  7. Keri Martin Keri Martin says:

    My daughter was en rolled in catholic school 2 yrs ago for grade 1. Proof had to be provided that at least one parent was baptized catholic. She was not baptized at the time but was something we were interested in. We did not have a church we regularly attended but the church associated with the school offered baptism courses to all the students who attend there. She started the course in November, one class per week, and will be baptized as well as first communion at Easter mass in april. The school will be able to put you in touch with someone if you are wanting to go that route with your child!

  8. Kara McGhee Kara McGhee says:

    You can obtain record of the baptism from the church in which he was baptized if you require it.

  9. Aimee Robb Aimee Robb says:

    Usually, however it’s super easy to get.
    Go to your neighborhood catholic church, with the location of baptism and they should be able to get it for your husband.

  10. Alexii John Alexii John says:

    We as kids were removed from grade two due to a lack of baptism

    However that was 30 years ago

  11. Brandy Mytts Brandy Mytts says:

    My son is not baptized but is in a Catholic school. I just had to show his dads certificate

  12. You don’t need a baptismal certificate at all. However, you need to be in the zone for the school you wish your child to attend. If there is high enrolment though, you will not be given priority.

  13. It helps or if you or spouse were baptized catholic send a copy of that. It puts you ahead of those that are not catholic.

  14. Shalene Budd Shalene Budd says:

    You DO NOT need to be baptized to attend a Catholic school. They give their open spaces to Catholics first. If space is available after, non-catholic children will be allowed to attend.

  15. Pooja Alysha Pooja Alysha says:

    Edmonton Catholic Schools provides a Catholic education to resident students of the district, according to their educational requirements. Non-Catholics and other non-resident students may enroll at Edmonton Catholic Schools given the adequate availability of resources such as space and suitability of program. Contact individual schools for additional registration information.

  16. I provided my daughter’s certificate of baptism to go to a Catholic School.

    Call the school and get the facts as almost all schools have some wiggle room in what they accept and don’t. Also check to make sure they are your designated school and then it depends more on if they have room. They more want openness to learn about the faith as many other Christian religions go to Catholic Schools. Some will put those baptized before ones that aren’t.

  17. Karen Marie Karen Marie says:

    Yes, proof that either you, the father or child has been baptized as a catholic or they will not accept the child into the catholic school. It’s very simple to obtain a certificate. Phone the church, as in where the baptism happened & get a copy of it.

  18. I don’t think they will ask for a certificate if your child is not baptized, but it all depends on the school you go with. The fact that the dad is baptized is a point towards your child getting enrolled. Also, seeing how you are looking for a church and are considering baptizing your child is something you could mention to the school when you go to enroll. Best idea would probably talk to the principal of the school you choose and see what the specific school’s policies are and if they are willing to work with you for your child’s enrollment. Hope this helps you out. Good luck! ☺️

  19. I put all 4 of my kids in Catholic schools and none of us were baptized.

  20. Lori Balmer Lori Balmer says:

    When my son went to a catholic school I needed my papers to prove

  21. Megan Young Megan Young says:

    Had to provide one for my daughters catholic school.

  22. Like the rest said. Depends on capacity of the school. If you are looking to get your child baptized, find a church, and talk to the office. One parent needs to be baptized, and will have to attend a course before they will baptize the child. Some churches only do baptisms every so often. So if thats the route you’re going, get in contact with a church in your area or one you choose to find out when they offer the course which is a one day thing for a couple hours, then you can schedule it the baptism.

  23. I was asked to provide mine at the time of bet is to inquire at the chosen school

  24. Nasab Radwan Nasab Radwan says:

    Every neighborhood has a designated school. That system is tiered in that it goes

    1sr tier- caters to Catholics in the area
    2nd tier- accepts non Catholics in the area
    3rd- Catholics outside the area
    4th- non- Catholics outside the area

    I was in the 4th when I went to catholic school but enrollment there was low. We recently built in a new neighborhood in Cy Becker and the only school here for us in a Catholic school. But it’s serving 4 communities so its enrollment is full. They required proof before we could enroll our son. Talk to the school directly, they should give you the exact info you need 🙂

  25. Yea for Catholic schools you do. They will take children who r baptised or have parents that r first.

  26. It depends on the number of kids enrolled in the school. If you have your husbands baptismal certificate take it with you. If enrollment is high they take in boundary and baptised first. But being your husband is baptised this is going to work the same as if your child was. This is how it worked when I put my kids into school. Neither are baptised but I am. So they just used my certificate.

  27. Cathy Rogers Cathy Rogers says:

    If one of the parents was baptised, then the child can attend.

  28. Louise Boddy Louise Boddy says:

    If you know church and month, yr your husband was baptised at you can contact that church and ask for a copy.

  29. Rhey Stigoy Rhey Stigoy says:

    This is Canada, dont be scared to inquire in any Edmonton Catholic school

  30. It is completely dependent on the capacity of the school. When enrolment is near capacity preference is given to in district Catholic students first, then in district non Catholics, then out of district Catholics, and then anyone else.

  31. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    I had to take my daughters baptism certificate to school but that was 18 years ago

  32. Speak with the school for sure but I know of children not baptized with no family member baptized and they were able to attend as long as they signed a waiver that the child needs to be at school during catholic events. If sick notes were required by noon the same day. So again depends on the school and school board

  33. I think it depends on enrollment, if its a school at full capacity they would probably want proof of baptism, if it had lower enrollment they may not need anything, it’s at the principal’s descretion. If it’s a very full school though and no proof of baptism they would take a child with baptismal certificate over none. It really depends on the school in your district.

  34. My son went to a Catholic High School here in Edmonton & we are NOT Catholic, just a school he chose to go to – didnt have to show anything

  35. When my mom enrolled me she didnt need to.

  36. We didn’t need one when we enrolled our eldest son.

  37. Due to high enrolment, many schools require proof that you or someone in the immediate family is Catholic. You need to speak to your specific school.

    • Agnes Brady Agnes Brady says:

      We had to provide copies of our baptismal certificates, along with proof we were paying our school taxes to the Catholic School Board. As Alilison stated, check with the individual school.

  38. Lisa Demskie Lisa Demskie says:

    I had to use my baptism cert for my kids to enroll them. But this was also 15 years ago. I would call the school board.

  39. Kim Michaud Kim Michaud says:

    No they don’t need to be baptized. You just need to sign saying it’s ok for them to take religion. If they aren’t baptized it’s up to the principal if they will be accepted. If they have the room they usually do.

  40. You need the childs certificate or the parents.

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