Do not Rent at Baywood Park Apartments!!!

I have mice, getting the run about, and they spot treat it; I’ve already had Alberta Health here and now I’m compiling my evidence to submit a formal complaint for a hearing because I want all of my money and more back. I’m tired of dealing with it and my stress is through the roof, this has been ongoing since I’ve moved in and didn’t physically see them til end of May. Just this morning at 4am I saw one chased it and watched it go out the front door. I have runners on the door (which I had to request) and I scan stick my hand thru underneath it therefore the mice are not being stopped by this at all.

Holes are being temporarily fixed with spray foam it’s only a matter of time before they’ll chew thru that. If anyone else currently rents here and are experiencing the same I highly suggest you contact Alberta Health Inspector to come assess the presence of mice. Baywood is using Orkin, the tech is here weekly apparently. The baits aren’t being touched and they’re chewing thru the sticky traps to get free. Unless other tenants complain of issues and comply with standards to absolve the presence of mice then I will always have to deal with this. I asked the tech what the next step is but all he does is bait and set sticky traps! So frustrating!

I’ve lost food, money, time, sleep, missed work and stressed out beyond comprehension. I did not sign up for this they have a responsibility to reasonably ensure no mice are present and they clearly haven’t done so! This place disgusts me! I even booked off vacation time because I’m so stressed out. Osgoode Properties for Baywood Park Apartments are the absolute WORST to deal with and I have yet to have an actual manager contact me and be here in my suite. Shoddy work, breach of contract in my eyes. I hope everyone that reads this does the same and file formal complaints and take them to court as I will be doing.



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  1. Darcie Daye Darcie Daye says:

    Spray foam is completely useless. If you have small holes, stuff them with steel wool. Mice won’t chew through it.
    Have a proper weather strip installed on the bottom of your door so nothing can get underneath.
    If property management isn’t dealing with this issue properly, then it’s time to be proactive and take a few steps to help stop this issue.

  2. BB says:

    The worst leasing agent. I have got Roches,bedbugs and mice. The mice are really annoying. Dishwasher not working properly. The main door to the building never locked. I got robed. When I complained to the office, they sent me an eviction notice. Funny, but I do not have time to take them to court. Decided to leave them. They do not treat their tenants properly. I do not want to say do not rent but I will tell you that if you rent you will definitely experience these problems.

  3. Coarse steel wool rammed and stuffed in any holes sprayed foamed in place can keep mice/squirrels from getting in exterior walls and what not, they don’t need much room to get in.. their supposed to be using a blood thinner (in black bean shaped cases) not just sticky traps… could be a crack in the foundation or sidewalk that they are nesting under and happen to come out by your front door and wander on in. If you’re on ground level

  4. cj johns ton says:

    My daughter lived here, the fridge was broken and had a faulty seal from day one, the door would open while she was at work and all of her food would defrost and go bad while she was at work, she had 6 people below her living in a one bedroom apartment, the kids screamed every night until all hours of the night, Baywood staff did nothing, it took a year to get the fridge exchanged and she lost hundreds of dollars in groceries, the front door was broken and hobo’s would come in and sleep in the hallways and leave cigarette butts everywhere, my daughter moved out in August and made sure that I was there to witness her move out inspection …it was perfect other than the outside windows needed cleaning on the 3rd floor? Anyway, she was supposed to get back $450.00 from her damage deposit, they have strung her along for weeks with every excuse, the check machine breaking down was my favourite one…then it was sent from Ottawa due to the broken machine but to the wrong address…We still haven’t received a check and it’s been 6 weeks. Today the excuse was the check went to the wrong address again….The machine will be working on Tuesday and she can pick up her check…I will update this review with the results….Don’t rent here…

  5. Lavon f says:

    I am thinking there is a trend here. I just left Baywood Park after living there for 15 years. They took most of my damage deposit. I am noticing that they seem to take everyones damage deposit. They were bulling me for not cleaning the outside windows and chatged me 185$ for having to repaint a wall. The magic number that everyone seems to ve putting out is that they only get $70 back from their entire damage deposit. If anyone out there has had the same problem please get back to me.

  6. Ruth Beter Ruth Beter says:

    they will stay away and tell baywood you have taken the matter into your own hands


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