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Why oh why didn’t I read the reviews before going there. It was a Gong show from the word go. Called looking for the car advertised on Auto Trader. Not there any more but can get you another one–just what you want; in an hour from a sister dealership. Didn’t want to make employees hang around on a Sunday late afternoon and certainly didn’t want to have the over an hour drive to get home on a Sunday night. No problem I was told–will take no time at all. Car was what I wanted. Discussed the missing rear window wiper cover and a detail job. with three employee & was promised all would be fixed. Noticed that the engine had been shampooed. Computer froze and paperwork could not be completed. Leaving dealership at 8pm. Made an appointment for Tuesday eve. Drive over an hour–made it a bit early for appointment. That didn’t matter we still waited an hour to get into finance office. Finally got paper work etc sorted out–on our way home again at 8:30 pm. Wiper not fixed. Car was not detailed. Discussed this with two more employees. Go to register it the next day and no can do.. It is an out of province vehicle. You need an inspection report. An appointment was made for the Friday a.m. and we were told three hours tops, so my husband brought it up. First they said struts needed to be replaced , then a rear tire, then an alignment had to be completed. They could do the alignment first thing on Saturday morning. Husband ended up borrowing a family members vehicle to get home. I called Service 7:45 Saturday a.m. It was in the line up I was told. They would call when complete. At 12:38 we get the call–will be done in an hour. Detailed and wiper fixed? Yes. Okay back into Edmonton we come. At dealership find out that it is not ready and they want to keep it till Monday. At this point I am so angry and want to walk away but know that I cannot. Why oh why did i buy this vehicle here. After telling our story again Raylene goes into the shop and comes out to say they will fit it in. Not holding my breath. Low and behold the alignment was completed at 3:30. Still no wiper cover and no detail job. They wrote on the inspection that they had shampooed the engine. No they did not –it was done before they even had the car on their lot. For the 6th time we were told the wiper cover would be ordered and in on Monday. Bring vehicle back and we will put it on. Nope-we will pick it up and put it on ourselves. Detail was not done–if it was, then they need to train their Detail person a lot better. It was semi- clean in the front area but the back seat and cargo area were not touched at all. As with a lot of the previous reviews state—STAY AWAY!



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  1. Noah says:

    I delt with Crosstown 10 years ago. My pretty much brand new cars sunroof poured water on my lap while doing 50km/hr down a busy road after picking my kids up from daycare. The vehicle had less than 40000kms on it but the warranty had expired. (The car was used very little, and well maintained.) The response from the service department “it could take a while to find out why the sunroof is leaking, we’ll have to charge you for that”. There’s a class action lawsuit in the the U.S. against Chrysler for this exact issue on many of their makes and models. Low quality junk, low quality people that work there. A similar experience at Londonderry chrysler also.


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