Dodge Drivers, Pay Close Attention

Having your tow mirrors flipped up when you aren’t towing anything is ridiculous. JUST STOP.

It doesn’t make you look cool it makes you look like Bulwinkle the moose. I will continue to flip mirrors down when I see you parked without a trailer.

Don’t get mad, I’m doing Gods work. That is all.



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  1. Meme says:

    Pickup drivers dont know how to drive in this city.

  2. If I caught you touching my truck I’d break your fingers. Keep your hands off what doesn’t belong to you!!!!

  3. LMAO this post made my day.

  4. Travis Purdy Travis Purdy says:

    Touch my mirrors and I will touch you! Don’t touch another person’s truck PERIOD ASSHOLE. IT ain’t your so keep your hands to yourself, if you can’t don’t be surprised to have a close encounter with the owners fist to your face!

    • Right! The other day a lady is putting her groceries in her vehicle and her door was touching my mirror the whole time she’s bouncing her butt off her door you know… I just said ummm hello you’re touching my truck. She starts bouncing her door off my thankfully plastic mirrors ‘Just a little bit, see?’ Fuck man I could’ve gone viral for all the wrong reasons! And, I was there first, perfectly parked between the lines, she’s the one who parked too close for her own good!

    • Regular small F150 mirrors too. I’m still mad lol.

    • Travis Purdy Travis Purdy says:

      That’s when you grab something hard and sharp and oopsy between your mirror and her door leaving a nice scratch. Guess ya shouldn’t have kept slamming your ass into the door causing it to hit my mirror bitch c’ya

    • Bobby Bongo Bobby Bongo says:

      If your truck mirrors are impeding me from grabbing a parking spot in a busy lot and I cant park there coz of it, I’m touching your truck. C’est la vie bro.

    • Travis Purdy Travis Purdy says:

      If my mirrors are impeding you from parking you’re a moron that shouldn’t be driving and I will punch you the fuck out for touching the truck. IT ain’t yours don’t put your fucking hands on it retard.

  5. I think I will text god later today and give him shit. …God’s work lmfao.

  6. Lisa Demskie Lisa Demskie says:

    Since when is calling people down and out doing “God’s” work anyway?

  7. Ava Clark Ava Clark says:

    I think you mean first world, unless starving African children often leave their tow mirrors out

  8. You must be an ass hurt Prius owner

  9. It’s so they can see if their truck nuts are dragging…. Those white sunglasses don’t have a large area to see out of.

  10. Lol ! Get a dam life ! Why do people have nothing better to do than creat bs for other people ! Not doing anything wrong them mirrors ! And if they see better with them out , then that’s good too but if I ever caught you around any of our vichicles , you would never again be inclined to touch anothers property again with out just cause!

  11. Carol Dawson Carol Dawson says:

    Do not touch my truck Go find something else to do like go pick garbage or something worthwhile

  12. They do look like a moron but i think its a warning sign. This guys stupid avoid him he prob cant drive. Dont flip them down its the only warning we have

  13. Okay this post is ridiculous!
    Have you even driven a tow truck.
    Do you even understand life?

  14. While I agree it looks dumb and is totally unnecessary…keep your hands to yourself and off their vehicles.

  15. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    It’s for the invisible trailer! Duh

  16. Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

    That’s a good way to get shot or beat keep your hands off other people’s shit

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