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Does anyone have a Guide to using the Food Bank?

I want to emphasize that I think we are lucky to have places like food bank.
However, I am wondering how those that use food bank able to sustain on it. I have almost no money left after bills. I am very good at budgeting I believe and I use food bank for my family’s food.

I am looking at a box we picked up – potatoes, beans in pork sauce, tomato sauce, corn, loaf of bread, bag of pasta, lettuce and such. I did specify no pork or fish due to allergies but it was there so I put it on the giveaway table. Looking at the items, I have 2 kids and I don’t know how to make this last a month of meals. Is there some kind of guide to show some kind of recipes for 30 days of suppers and school lunches approximately?

Due to my disability, looks like food bank will be my food source for upcoming long time but I don’t know how to make this work for over a month.
I am in west end and I was told there is better ones in north/downtown which I wouldn’t qualify for. If true, isn’t that unfair?



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  1. Suzette Mercier says:

    The food bank is only to be for a week (max), not a full month. If you put that you had allergies, to certain products, I would be contacting them about the fact that you got product contacting the allergens, but other then that there not much you can do. I also use the food bank on a regular basis (unfortunately) and have found that certain items can be frozen for use after a meal is made (spaghetti is a good example). Use it for a night or two, freeze the uneaten potions, then reheat as need. I am a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 young children.

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