Does your dog need to go shopping with you?

What is the deal with taking your dog shopping ? I’m not talking about health-aid dogs not am I referring to pet-specific stores like PetSmart. I mean taking your dog for a walk in HomeSense, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, etc. I am pretty sure you dont need your dog there to pick bedsheets, nasal spray and tomato sauce. This pet-parent thing has gotten way out of hand. If you can’t run an errand without leaving your dog in the car then leave your dog at home, as has been done for countless years. It’s not cute to buy merchandise after your dog’s nose and saliva has been in it. You may have a very deep bond with your dog but you need to realize the rest of society does not share that bond. There are many people out there with aversion to animals, be it due to allergies, fears, bad experiences, or personal beliefs. Dogs are not children. They may be trained to respond to their owners but that does not mean they will respond the same to strangers. Consider this idea: you may have a well behaved pet that you believe is not a problem while you shop. What if you turn around and see me and my well behaved python right behind you? Is that different just because it’s not a dog? Please be considerate of others before you decide to have your dog accompany you while you shop.



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