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Dog park picnics

If you choose to host a family picnic in the middle of a dog park- and you have no dog, do not get upset when the dogs act like dogs at their park!

This evening at Jackie Parker off leash park, a large family had set up a picnic at a table right in the middle of our park!

No problem we can share the space but I did shout out to warn you that my big pup will take food as he ran up to greet you!

Luckily no food was out and I could tell you and your children didn’t like the dog smelling around your area as you instructed your daughter to just walk away from my pup!

Unfortunately he then went to your basket carrier and lifted his leg urinating on what appeared to be some toys.

I quickly leashed him and apologized profusely offering my hand sanitizer and Kleenex to try to help you clean up.

In turn you screamed and swore profanities at me in front of your family and your children. I again apologized trying to diffuse the situation but you just got more upset swearing and yelling ‘ just

great’. I tried reminding you that it is a dog park but you just fumed that stuff like that shouldn’t ever happen.

As I walked away- you should know that even your family was apologizing for your behaviour as they expressed sympathy at me through their facial expressions and embarrassment .

I don’t like confrontations in front of children and really did feel bad that my dog lifted his leg ( to which I don’t think he’s ever done before).

I wish I’d told you off and reminded you where you’re at!

Your family really should have brought your muzzle!



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