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Dog training

Help! I need some advice on training dogs to be safe with kids or if that can even be done with an already somewhat aggressive dog?

I was just playing on the floor with my 5 month old baby, I asked our dog to come sit because baby is so interested in him now. I was showing baby how to pet him gently, it’s not the first time and the other times were fine, he barely was touching him and wasn’t moving quickly or anything, baby moved his hand up to touch our dogs ear and he snarled and snapped at him 😩 (our dog loves pets on his face and ears) it really scared us all. We’ve tried to train him better but he is super independent and has always been difficult. He’s nipped and snarled at us many times, even drawing blood once, and is also very aggressive with other dogs after being bit by dogs at the dog park 😢 he’s 7 now and has been this way since like 3 but we’ve never been able to train him out of it we just learned to be careful because we know his triggers but this is new, we can’t trust him with the baby let alone when he is a toddler and we can’t afford a dog trainer. Obedience classes were not very helpful for us because he just can’t focus but also my husband in particular struggles to be consistent and isn’t as willing to be firm so I gave up because what point is there if we’re both having different expectations. Anyways please help if you can! I always thought it was wrong to rehome a dog in such a circumstance because we’ve committed to him and should train him but I also don’t want my son to be at risk in the process and I don’t want him to become scared of dogs so I don’t know what to do other than have him go live with my in-laws because they adore our dog and he’s lived with them for long periods before and he loves it there but they’re bad in the sense they let him run the place and feed him table food all the time.

Thanks for reading I’m desperate for some advice!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    make a choice, dog or baby, this dog may be all you ever want,,,,but train him, or rehome him, before bad shit happens

  2. DogsArentFamily says:

    You need to choose between your child and that dog. Take the dog out back a shoot it like it’s a sick hillbilly. New flash Alberta!: Children come first, even before yourselves or a mutt.
    You also shouldn’t have wrote so much, you think any marshmallows (fat, soft, white albertans) can read that much?