Dogs in playgrounds

I love dogs but being allergic I can admire them from far away. I do wish I could play or snuggle them or have one but just cannot.
We were on our after dinner stroll in the park (in Milwoods) and went little more ahead in the playground. All of a sudden, a dog came rushing towards us and jumped on me in a playful way. We freaked out as we didn’t even notice dog around at all. When adults (they were quiet fat from us) noticed, they laughed and enjoyed panic and send their 5-6 yr old boy to tackle the situation. Well, not a good choice as dog is bigger, wants to play with me and kid was not strong enough to handle the pooch. Husband tried to shield me and dog didn’t like it possibly so went away.
But, adults didn’t move to sort the situation nor apologized about what happened, which I find is very rude.
I do like dogs but if i am visibly running away from the the dog or someone is shielding me, then there is a good chance that we are not dog people (even if we want to). Your dog is adorable but please try to understand every possible scenario here.
I did broke into hives and wheezing so had a trip to emergency, also missed next days work. Not a very healthy after dinner walk as we were expecting it to be !



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  1. D. Armstrong says:

    If you are that severely allergic you should stay away from places where dogs may be! The dog was just being playful, but they should have come and got the dog away from you upon seeing your reaction.


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