Dogs with the owners walking somewhere but not in sight

If you walk your dogs in Mayliewan, hold that leash and no surprises with your dog coming after mine who are held on a leash.

I am tired of walking a supposed safe walking path to be attacked by your pitbull or shepherd or Samoyed who is not attached to your hand. Time to buckle those puppies up or take them to an off leash where your careless behavior is allowed.

We have places to walk dogs that way and maybe check that out next time you let that dog’s leash drag and it runs out of site onto a public walking path.



5 Responses

  1. Crystal Love Crystal Love says:

    Wow how many times are you going to post about this, now you just sound like a whiner, get over it.

    • The posters breed preference is ignorant, but this a real issue. You aren’t allowed to have a dog off leash where it is not an off leash area. Even if 99% of the dogs are friendly and well mannered there’s that 1% that will attack or not know how to be friendly with other dogs. TBH the owner who has their dog roaming free could be exposing their dog to danger as some people keep their dogs on leashes to protect other dogs from their dog’s aggressive behaviour. My dog has been bitten and attacked several times in this manner by large and small dogs in different areas. It is a widespread issue.

  2. Walk the opposite direction that you seem to have this issue with?

  3. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    Call the city and report this to the your council person … let them deal with this

  4. Sandra Wells Sandra Wells says:

    Sorry for all the nasty comments! Be responsible dog owners for heavens sake! This person and their dog should not feel threatened!


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