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Don’t be a jerk

I can’t even begin to understand what goes through a person’s mind when they choose to park in another person’s driveway.

There is a school nearby my house and no less than twice a week I find myself trapped in my garage because parents dropping off or picking up their kids have left their vehicle unattended and parked in my driveway. Yes, you read that correctly. Not simply in front of my driveway because they were rushed and had a lapse in judgement (although that happens on the daily as well). In. My. Driveway.

Parking in front of a driveway is a bylaw violation in itself. Parking IN someone else’s driveway is both a bylaw violation and trespassing. If you need to walk your kids to the door take your entitled ass down the street where there’s plenty of free space and walk the extra block. If that seems like too much of an inconvenience for you, imagine how I feel every time I have to explain to my boss why I’m late for work. And no, I should not have to leave the house earlier just so you can continue your foolishness.



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  1. So block them in on your driveway and see what they do next

  2. Eden Eye Eden Eye says:

    You can report to 311 but there is no way they will get there in time. Best to put a sign outside the front of your house saying not to park on your drive or block it. Listing the By Law # and that it is illegal to do so. I have people doing something similar by my house

  3. That’s so rude! I can’t believe people are so ignorant

  4. Next time photograph their license plate and report to police. Have a photo copied note explaining what your policy is. Word will get around

  5. Julia Bryce Julia Bryce says:

    happened to me (but my apt. parking spot). Called bylaw and the got plate # from me. police were then able to contact the owners. they were given only 5 minutes to come move their car (as they lived in building right across the street and said they were home). the tow truck pulled in 10 minutes later and were just about to hook it up when they showed up! don’t know if they ever got a charge from the tow company for this, but they never did it again!

  6. Tanita Nita Tanita Nita says:

    Wow I cannot believe people do this! I have never parked in a driveway thats not my own nor would I. How rude. Sorry you have to deal with that. I’d put a sign warning you will have them towed if they park there

  7. take pics and license plate #’s and contact Bylaw

  8. Start writing down licence plates and dates and times and report them

  9. Either, deflate 2 tires and take the day off to laugh about it or have the car towed

  10. Block them in and call a tow truck

  11. Tim Kroetsch Tim Kroetsch says:

    It’s private property guys. You are completely in the right to call a towing company and have their vehicle towed at the owners expense.

  12. Call a tow truck. Problem solved. Bet they won’t do it again!

  13. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    You could park your car on the street. Lol . Just kidding! … But it sure would be nice to orchestrate parking , any car , in front of your! driveway after they were parked there blocking them in though , and toodle off to work with a wave as you drive away in your car. Lol

  14. Let the air out of their front tires

  15. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    Okay so I just got off the Phone with 311 and Ian, the guy I was talking to suggested that at the beginning of the school year, call the city at 311 and request extra patrols in the neighbourhood, specifically for parking violations and they’ll send either a regular cruiser or parking enforcement to come out and start handing out tickets and towing cars.

    If enough people start doing it, then the city WILL take notice, because with all the comments I’m seeing here this is obviously a bigger problem than anyone thinks.

  16. I’d get a truck and a tow rope (of which I have both) and drag them onto the street.

  17. Start taking parts off them. In your yard is in your possession

  18. Ange Freer Ange Freer says:

    You could always call a tow truck

  19. Doug Smith Doug Smith says:

    Let the air out of a few tires and it will stop.

  20. You are right. Whoever parks in your driveway is rude and uncaring. They need to be fined. Can a peace officer issue a ticket. Maybe a police presence for 15/20 minutes will smarten them up.

  21. Because its public road

  22. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    I’d call Bilaw, sit my ass in a lawn chair behind their vehicle so they can’t get out and wait until bilaw got there to ticket them…. and they will….
    not only will you make them later, but it will probably be the best lesson they were ever taught in their life about time management

  23. Just a thought, even tho the ass is wrong, take the high road and leave a polite note on the windshield, once, and take a pic. If/when it happens again, get pics if the vehicle, including your addy if possible. Then go to your boss and see if you can get a day off that is convenient to both the boss and your self, a vacation day maybe? Now the fun part ( I am a bit of a bitch when it comes to things like this.) Park your car on the street the night before, hopefully the ass hat does it again on this day, cause you will be ready this time!! Once they park in your driveway and get out, get your vehicle and block them in, then let the air out of at least two tires, time permitting. Go back in and call the police and tow truck. Tress-passing ticket and towing charges to the ass hat, should make them think again. Remember to only let the air out, and do not slash the tires. You are above their disregard for law and common courtesy.

    You can call and complain to the police, bylaw etc…. they are over worked, understaffed, and with no disrespect to them, quite frankly have bigger issues to deal with. The only reason to call them as I mentioned above is to cover your own butt. Be honest and let them know what has been happening and what you did. As long as you don’t damage the vehicle, the most they would do is issue a warning not to do it again.

    To finish off, place a sign on your lawn, in plain sight, letting ppl know what will happen if they park in your driveway again. The down side, stock up on cleaning supplies as this may cause egging of your home. If they are arrogant enough to park in your driveway, they are probably arrogant enough to get their kids to egg a house.

    Hope this helps!!

  24. People are messed……Btw parking in front of a driveway is not illegal if it’s you parking Infront of your own driveway. Just saying

  25. I had that problem, I just called the parking authority and had it towed

  26. JR Tyler JR Tyler says:

    Put up a sign? Park your car in your own driveway?

  27. Get a neighbour/friend to park across the end of your driveway, once the offender has parked IN your driveway, so that they also can’t leave when they want to. See how that plays out….

  28. Barb Grunau Barb Grunau says:

    Feeling your pain. This happens to me as well. All I can do is reprimand that person and hope they get the message

  29. Dave M. Kool Dave M. Kool says:

    Just start having them towed, someone else’s stupidity and lack of forethought isn’t an excuse for such a ridiculous and unnecessary inconvenience; what if you had to leave for an emergency or were late for work because of it?

    Don’t risk a major disruption in your life because of some brain dead parents, my advice would be to purchase a “Private Property No Parking in Driveway VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED” sign or something similar and put it up, and the first time anyone parks there have them towed immediately, and KEEP having every car towed until they get the message.

    Make no mistake, you WILL be seen as the bad guy, but that’s not your problem.

  30. Some jerk parking in your driveway? Mean man for hire!!! Call this cat, Knut Johansen Willier. When the boogeyman goes to sleep at night he checks his closet for Knut . The only thing going through the mind of all his victims is his shoe ..

  31. If you know someone with a tow truck have them park next to your driveway before the event or put a sign in your lawn about a towing company service.

  32. We have a double driveway where drivers like to make u-turns. We solved that problem by parking our vehicles closer to the foot of the driveway.

  33. Some people are dumber than a second coat of paint

  34. Screws under their tires every time. They’ll get the hint

  35. Nothing surprises me anymore, that’s just ignorant!
    I see people buy signs and put next to the driveway (shouldn’t have to) but it may help!
    Go to the school tell them to send letters home with their kids?

  36. Have it towed away. My drug dealer neigbors blocked my way parking halfway accross my gate. I told them that next time it will be towed. At least leave them a note that action will be taken.

  37. OMG! I felt guilty when I went to a person’s house to buy something, and I parked in their driveway because there were no street spots available. I can’t imagine parking and walking away!

  38. Im pissed off just reading this lol. Do people not use their brains anymore. So frustrating.

  39. Park at the end of your driveway so they can’t use it. You can also put up a “no parking” sign. Catch them in the act and tell them it’s a private drive and to not be parking on private property! Get their license plate and go to police station and have them charged. Lots of ideas here to end your frustration. Good luck

  40. Start egging these vehicles. 🙂

  41. Tina Duncan Tina Duncan says:

    Park in your driveway so they can’t!

  42. You can also have them towed at their expense. My boyfriend did this on a construction guy like 2 weeks ago. He just called a tow company explained the situation and they charged the guy who parked there for the tow not us.

  43. Go and get yourself some traffic cones for your driveway.

  44. The city of Edmonton is always looking for more money why aren’t they sending their bi law officers to ticket these people. Especially those asshats who park the wrong way on the street because they are “special”

  45. Have a tow truck on stand by

  46. We live by NAIT used to happen all the time ..then we got no parking signs ..(my husband would put dog shit under the door handles which also helped )

  47. As much as it shouldn’t be put on you I would possibly get pylons to put along the end of your driveway until you are about to leave. Or half an hour before school starts wait to see if someone pulls in and confront them about it.

  48. I had this happen. Bylaw did nothing, took pics, the school did nothing, ended up catching the chic just as she pulled in and the snotty bitch said ” omg I won’t be long, get over it”….so, the next time. I had her towed and when she rang my door bell and asked “wtf, where is my van” I said ” omg, get over it”…she called the cops, I showed them numerous pics, as well as when I documented that I talked to her, the school, bylaw…cop told her that there was nothing she could do, she parked on private property and to grab a cab to the tow company to get her van….

  49. I can relate to this post. We live just about 10 min walk from the school. When there is an event such as Christmas concert, people park in our driveway. Beyond rude considering I can’t walk to the school due to being handicapped and now our van is in the garage and we are unable to pull out. Once my husband went without me (walked) so I missed it.

    He has tried parking on the driveway but people still park across it so didn’t matter.

    When you call by-law, they come in 3-4 hours so that makes no difference.
    Our neighbors hate it too and one has kids in same school. They just walk (which I can’t do).

    Irony – if you put barricades, those idiots push them over. Or we had by-law issue us a ticket. Fought the ticket and won but issue still continues.

    Currently we have our van and 2 neighbors park to block out our driveway during Christmas concert so we can leave. But I don’t know another way to fix it.

  50. Fyi 4 tires is covered under vandalism insurance 3 isn’t….

  51. Scott Smith Scott Smith says:

    Call bylaw and sometimes they will set up for awhile in area a d enforce bylaw rules

  52. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    Call the school, and call bylaw. Take photos, and send to 311 via the 311 app.

  53. Paid parking only…lol

  54. Peter Kurth Peter Kurth says:

    Put up some barricades

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