Don’t Be A Nurse If You Don’t Like Nursing

Dear Nurses everywhere
I have been hospitalized for quite some time now, and I have seen a good amount of nurses in my time here. Some nurses are amazing, I must say, they will go the extra mile just to make sure you are comfortable and as happy as you could be. Other nurses do their jobs how they were meant to, some do the bear minimum, and others just shouldn’t even be nursing in the first place.
These kinds of nurses are far the worst to get when you are a patient. Some you wonder if they just got into nursing for the money, or if they got pushed into it by someone, others you can tell they are on the verge of retiring and are just tired of being one. Either way I see it if you don’t enjoy being selfless everyday, taking care of people and their needs, YOU SHOULD NOT BE NURSING.
I had a nurse today bring me tears, and make me cry for what seemed like hours. After i calmed down I took it upon myself to make sure I report this nurse and ask to never get her again. Nurses should not be yelling at their patients, you should not make your patients feel like they are dumb, you should not belittle your patients or argue with them about what their doctors have directly told them. Further more you should always check the names on your patients medication to make sure your giving the right patient the right medication.
Your patients are more than just patients, we are PEOPLE. People with feelings, hopes, dreams, and families. We do not want to be in the hospital, we’d much rather be home with our loved ones. We don’t want someone to have to do every little thing for us, we would much rather do simple tasks ourselves and not feel useless.
So again i give praise to the nurses that truly do love their jobs and give it there all while at work, and help make people’s stay at the hospital a little easier. But if you are a nurse, and you find yourself dreading your job, or annoyed with it, or are just simply a rude person, people stop doing patient care and do something else. Your patients are suffering more than you know and can tell you dont want to do it.
A patient who’s more than just a chart



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