Don’t be homoobic today, Edmonton

Good morning, Edmonton!
Try to nice to one another and stop being such a homophobic city!

Seriously. Stop. Read the comments.



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  1. I’m just scared they’re trying to convert me.

  2. Read what comments?? I’m confused

  3. What comments are we suppose to read?

  4. Homoobic? Ok. Well I have no issue with anyone or their sexuality or gender identity.. I DO have an issue with people who can’t bother to proof-read their dumb posts.

  5. Your sexual orientation doesn’t interest me in the slightest so stop trying to make it important to me. I am old school, what ever your choice, don’t make it my business or my problem and I am good. I am tired of all the crud about everything from personal pronouns to rainbows. I used to love rainbows, I used to feel supportive of LGBTQ but with it jammed in my face I am beyond tired of it and NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE A RAINBOW AGAIN! They have come to symbolize the ugly smearing of everyone’s faces in someone else’s orientation.
    I used to love going to gay bars because I knew instinctively that I was going to have a good time and be left alone by the crowd. I was cool with that. NEVER AGAIN.
    They were cool when they just existed amongst us and were happy to be left to their own vices and devices. Now, I am going to be subjected to a human rights law that says I must guess a personal pronoun and use it to address a person and that not knowing is not an excuse? I am expected to just know?
    I am not homophobic, I am just fed up with people doing stupid shit to make themselves somehow important in my life when I have no interest in knowing them let alone harassing them for their lifestyle.

    • I’m sure they also don’t want heterosexuality jammed down their throats but womp there it is.

      From advertising men and women in provocative positions, entire TV series about straight relationships, unreality TV about picking your straight partner (looking at you Bachelor/ette), shows about straight weddings and preparing for them.

      Wanna talk about stuff being shoved in our faces let’s take a second to look away from the token gay guy and look at everything else.

    • I’m not homophobic but…

    • I totally understand the point she’s trying to make. We have LGBTQ family members, neighbors and friends. I see these people as just THAT – our family members, neighbors and friends. In the daily course of a day, sexual orientation is not a focal point or an issue. Quite honestly, no one cares. We all go about our daily lives.

      I think some of us are growing intolerant and impatient of being accused of ‘being intolerant’ ‘itself’.

    • Television doesn’t have that much influence over my life, especially not the garbage you mentioned. But thanks.

    • Rory, you’re a dumbass.

    • Rob Elger Rob Elger says:

      Nicole Preston , gays represent 3% of the population.

    • Nicole, depicting normality isn’t shoving something down your throat. And no it isn’t bigoted to call something normal.

  6. this is a really bad comments section. Hi homophobic baby boomers nice to see you

  7. Probably people from the LGBTQ community won’t have to “shove it down your throat” when they are truly treated equally and have the same rights as straight people. We as straight people are fortunate to not have to put up with the treatment LGBTQ people are subjected to.

  8. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    Best thing for Everyone is for Everyone To Keep their Private Lives Private!!! NO Need for Gay or Straight to advertise!!!!

  9. Honestly I dont give a shit about your sexual orientation. Alot of people (not all) but many of the ones who get called “homophobic” just dont want to hear your fucking preaching anymore. Seriously if you stop bringing it up and always throwing it out there i am sure you would see a big change. Not to mention homopbobic is a stupid word, you can disagree with lifestyle choices, doesnt mean you should harras people for being gay but it does not mean they are afraid of it as you people imply. . Since im on tge topic already this goes to hetero couples as well, nobody wants to see you tounge down your gf/bfs throat in public either.


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