Don’t order from BLOOMEX, Scam company!

So this year I wanted to send one of my clients a gift basket to say Thank You and Merry Christmas. I went online and searched gift baskets Edmonton, saw the Bloomex site,picked one out and ordered it to be sent to him. I did it quickly so I could have it sent before Christmas.

Usually I review places but it wasn’t until after I placed my order that I thought I would Google them. Well , I definately should have done my research first! I saw nothing but absolutely horrible reviews about their product and customer service. I called the number to cancel right away because apparently these gift baskets aren’t what you think you’re ordering and I don’t want some garbage basket ending up on my clients step. It was difficult to get through to anyone when I called, I had to press 1 for ordering to actually speak to anyone. When I did reach someone and explained that I wanted to cancel he straight up said no. They don’t do cancellations at Christmas(even though it was maybe an hour after I ordered) nothing was to be sent out until the next day. He was so rude to me and was completely perplexed at the way they treat people, apparently from all the horrible reviews I wasn’t the only one. No one else could seem to get a refund either.

I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with him so I called my CC company. I explained what had happened and he said he will process it and let me know.

I just want to warn others,please do not order from this company. They were kicked off the BBB for having an F rating and never responding to consumer complaints. I honestly don’t know how they are still in business but I can’t see it lasting long.



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  1. Tammy Calvin Tammy Calvin says:

    My friend ordered from them, a week later they arrived….dead!

    Awful company to deal with.

  2. Brandon Hogg Brandon Hogg says:

    You know what? I did the exact same thing with the reviews for some flower delivery company. I cant remember the name. I purchased the product. Then read the reviews. When i read the reviews, i was mortified! Then i started panicking, trying to cancel orders, trying to get the cc to reverse charges… Etc etc etc.

    Guess what? My order arrived on time, as expected, in good condition.

    Couple things to learn here:
    1) just because you read it on the internet, doesnt always mean its true.
    2) buyer beware: read reviews first

  3. Jaime Sharon Jaime Sharon says:

    Theyre awfffful. They arrived dead twice to my friend.

  4. Bloomex is the absolute worst. My husband ordered flowers from there and they just never delivered them. They kept saying oh well deliver them tomorrow (they were for Valentine’s Day) he even payed extra for morning delivery.
    They kept giving us a runaround when we were trying to get ahold of them and then when we did they said a manager would contact us and they never did. They would not give us a refund we called every day for two weeks. Finally we called our credit card company to report fraud. They also operate under a few other names… be careful

  5. I almost ordered from them a few days ago, but cancelled it last minute at the payment screen. Something made me uncomfortable, don’t know what. Glad I followed my instincts.

  6. Jenny Virtue Jenny Virtue says:

    Did you get your money back?

  7. Yeah!! I order for my moms birthday. It was awful !

  8. The first tell tale sign is a 1 800 number. Do you realise you are giving your business to huge floral distributors that originate out of the US. The distance is actuallt their advantage. If something goes wrong with your order, you call back the 1 800 number and get the run around.

    Support the local little Mom and Pop operation. They are no more expensive and the service is most always awesome. If theres a problem, they deal with it because their local reputation depends on it. Their contact will be a local Edmonton number. No 1 800 BS.

    If you’re sending teddy bears or flowers to a hospital, call the hospital main switchboard and ask for the giftshop. Order from there. It employs locals and the flowers, etc are of great quailty and price.

    I work for a downtown business and here is me ‘go to’ for flowers. The service is fantastic. The flowers are gorgeous each and every time. Ordering from them for well over a decade with no issues.

    Support Local!

  9. Best baskets in town are from
    Awesome Blossom Flower shop.

  10. Olivia Bond Olivia Bond says:

    I ordered a dozen purple roses for mother’s day from them. They arrived PINK and dead. I called and requested a new bouquet or refund as the petals were literally brown and the vase was from the dollar store. They sent another PINK bouquet and did not refund the extra charges for the special vase or colour. Never again.

  11. Costco online does floral deliveries. highly recommend.


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