Don’t take what does not belong to you!

I got paid last friday and withdrew $300 cash to manage my spending a bit better. On my way I decided to stop at superstore to buy groceries and on my 5 min walk to superstore or somewhere inside the store, I lost my wallet.

I realized that once I put my groceries on the cash register. Sad part is no one has even offered to return my IDs and bank cards let alone cash and gift cards that I had been holding on to for buying work clothes on Black Friday weekend.

I have found wallet and phones in the past and always went out of my way to return them to either the owner or cops. I wish someone did that for me 🙁 I hope people would understand that if you found something on the road with ID attached to it, it does not belong to you!!!



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  1. I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago with about 600 and all my IDs. Nobody returned to me either which really broke my heart as it was supposed to be my childcare money. Hopefully you have better luck!

  2. People are shitty and most of the time you can’t trust em. Be proactive and zip your pockets or leave it in your car and take what you need. Sucks it happened but only person to blame is your self in the end.

  3. Rick Brown Rick Brown says:

    The city is full of scumbags….every where you go

  4. I found a wallet yesterday at Clareview Transit and turned it in. If it’s yours call them for lost and found.

  5. It’s the world we live in now. It sucks, but just try to be the person that doesn’t do that. The kind of person who would take a wallet and the money isn’t likely to feel bad about it. We can definitely sympathize though.

  6. Olivia Bond Olivia Bond says:

    How frustrating 🙁 All I can say is that for every lost wallet story there is also a returned wallet story and faith in humanity (possibly) restored. Awhile ago I was biking home from work and my wallet somehow flew out of my backpack on the trail. A stranger found it and returned the wallet in my mailbox. I had no idea until I went on Facebook, saw that she had messaged me after finding my address on my ID and biked after me to my house to return it. Sure enough, there was my wallet in the mail box – nothing taken.

  7. I completely agree with you OP. If you find something that doesn’t belong to you, return it. I do have a hopeful story tho! When I owned a dance studio I had a young high school girl come in with an iPod I had lost. She said she found it and was going to keep it. But when she realized it was mine (she and her friends had come into the studio and were nice people so we had a nice chat) she wanted to return it. She didn’t have to but she did. There are good people out there. For every person reading this post and commenting: make sure you’re prepared to be a good person too. Maybe that $300 was all the person had for Christmas. Or maybe they were going to buy drugs with it. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the person who finds it makes the right choice.


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