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So, I trade my vehicle into Capital Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat, located at 1311 101 Street, on June 10th of this year. It takes them until August 1st to pay the loan on the traded in vehicle, making me pay 4 extra payments on a vehicle I do not even own anymore. Once I have purchased my vehicle, there has been nothing but mistakes on the part of the staff in this place. They damaged my $60,000 car and have offered to fix it twice in written e-mails, and then when I mention that I want the car independantly inspected by a mechanic they rescind their offer.

What are you hiding?? Now over four months later, contacting AMVIC and DODGE Canada, I still have none of the promises that were made to me done and they will not even return any communications. I have not gone into the dealership and caused a scene or have I ever cursed at any of the staff that has treated me badly, but this is what they are claiming to their bosses. I have called them Chauvanists, because when I had a coworker’s husband with me to inspect the damage, they told me that they would fix everything. But when I went back by myself, I get told that ” at least the rock chips will never rust”!

So, here I am, just trying to get the corporation to do the right thing and getting nowhere.

Over 4 months of trying to make things right and now I get a notice from the Edmonton Police Service that my vehicle has been seized and impounded…..The vehicle I traded in on June 10th, that it took them until August 1st to pay the lein. Did you sell the vehicle to someone and they could not register it?? Wow, SHADY, in my opinion.

I have always been a strong independent woman, that was proud to be able to go to a car dealership and purchase a vehicle, getting a good deal and fair treatment. But now I tell any woman that is even thinking about buying a vehicle to go with a man. I do not like that my attitude has changed, but after this I will never be the same. SHAME ON YOU!!



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  1. Marie says:

    I feel for you! If I were in your position – I wouldn’t stop at anything to get this resolved! This sort of thing happens far too often … I experienced a different situation years ago (not as bad as what you’ve described though)… with a different dealership.

    My tenacity resulted in a fair outcome that I could live with.

    #1. always have someone with you as a witness. Make / keep notes of absolutely everything — obtain the names of those who’ve treated you unfairly.

    #2. be sure you’ve read and thoroughly understand whatever paperwork you’ve received from them.

    #3. as Agnes Brady wrote (above) to help and inform you — ‘the dealership ownership there has changed’ — “Good to know” !!

    #4. there is the Better Business Bureau – (a redundant and futile org./option in many cases … though you might gain a bit of traction somehow by contacting them … providing dealer is a reg. member of theirs)

    #5. open and click to find any info that might prove help:;jsessionid=0001cYt-L92kfXjana7iFGwkPCs:-99CCU?Open=1&lang=eng&prtl=1&sbPrtl=&estblmntNo=234567159687&profile=cmpltPrfl&profileId=1921&app=sold&searchNav=F&wbdisable=true

    All the best! ~

  2. Agnes Brady Agnes Brady says:

    Have you contacted the dealer principal? AMVIC should be helping you but if not, contact the actual owner of the dealership. I too am an independent woman that has bought vehicles from this dealer in the pas with much better results, but do know there has been a change in ownership since then. You so don’t deserve the crap you are going through. Good luck.

    • Lana Lamont Lana Lamont says:

      I have bought 2 other vehicles from a Capital Motors dealership before as well with no problems, so this has been a real eye opener for me about them. This has gone all the way up to Capital Motors and I am still fighting. Thank you for your words of encouragement! I will not stop until this is right and I firmly believe that as long as you are a good person things usually turn out!

    • Lana Lamont Lana Lamont says:

      I have!! Got told that I should have gone to cancel my registration after trade….. Who does that?? I have not heard from one person that they have ever gone and cancelled the registration after trading their vehicle to a dealership.


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