Don’t trust Vision R.V. Corporation

During RV show we looked at some RV’s. We received free tickets so we were just looking. Spoke to Ken with Vision and we got into talking about trading our pop up trailer for a new one.

First they offered one amount and then when we didn’t accept they offered another for our older trailer. We decided to look into seeing if we could get financing and how much our payments and interested would be and they asked us to put 1000.00 down to show that we are interested. I specifically asked if this doesn’t work out we get that back right and she said oh yes.

Well payments were too high for us and we found out the RV store wasn’t even in Edmonton so we would have to travel back and forth so we hesitated on making the deal so they texted us to say they are keeping our deposit. They are CROOKS and they lied to us.

I work 3 part time jobs and my hubby works long shift work but we don’t have $1000 bucks to throw away. Had we known we would never have left it. The contracted we signed said we had 7 days. This was day 3 we told them. I am so disappointed. Our kids love camping and this is so disheartening that this big corporation would do this. We have started the investigation with our credit card company to get it back. Don’t trust them or the sales reps. All we got was lies and deception.



5 Responses

  1. O my goodness, this is awful! Talk to RV City. They can take care of all your RC needs

  2. I’ve never heard of them. There’s probably a reason for that. I hope you get this sorted out. Terrible.


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