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Double coated dogs

Just a reminder with the hot weather we are finally getting. Do not shave your double coated dogs (dogs that shed)!

When you shave them you put them at harm of heat stroke and sun burns. It ruins their hair cycle and can cause their hair to grow back wonky.

Their hair is designed in a way that keeps them cool and safe in the summer and warm in the winter. Your husky, Newfoundlander, etc should only be shaved for medical reasons.



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  1. My vet said it can also cause them a great deal of anxiety.

  2. Our three double coated flat coated retrievers that we never shave. Only get the occasional bits of hair cut when they get twigs stuck in it from rolling in the mud or running in the bushes 🙂

  3. Meaghan Dawn Meaghan Dawn says:

    It’s not “wonky” it’s called alopecia.

    And mostly all the groomers I know here in Edmonton let the owners know the risks .

  4. I got hair extensions for mine. I just take them out when it’s cool outside

  5. Oh man i was hoping this would be about some new type of hot dogs at k days as i read the title. I am filled with disappointment

  6. I shave my Eskimos belly. This way when he lays down he’s cool. I have done this for years. My dogs also don’t stay outside for very long. And they are always watched. Even in cooler weather

  7. Groomers who agree to do it should also be educating their clients or refusing the job. Period.


  9. If you shave your pets hair off you don’t deserve a pet and should be banned from owning anything alive ever again.

  10. Shelley Lohr Shelley Lohr says:

    Also cats too people….learn about your animal they are not a fashion statement

  11. Thank you. I wish more people knew this.

  12. Amber Ljl Amber Ljl says:

    our American Eskimo got shaved before I knew this. kinda pissed the groomer didn’t educate on it. Went online and did more research about her coat and breed after 🙁

  13. Groomers who agree to do it should also be educating their clients or refusing the job. Period.

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