Doyle’s Pub Service Review

Over the last year this little local pub has been a friendly place with quick efficient friendly service. Since March of 2018 it has been heading downhill fast with mostly all new staff that have extremely poor customer service skills, attitude and either inability to do the job or just do not want to be there.
The service staff sit talking on the phone on a Saturday night without even checking if patrons want either food or drinks. There is continually poor ser ice from the dark haired girl with glasses and a bad attitude.
I observed people walking up to the bar to request tabs and waiting up to half an hour and having to go back up to clear it up. On two separate occasions the server was rude and said we have been very busy., gave the customer a dirty look and walked away to again make the customer wait.
They have also changed the policy of supplying soft drinks at no charge to those not drinking but not actually communicated it to anyone. Definitely understandable but telling people of the change is just couteous.
Another problem observed is the double charging of drinks if you run a tab. Do yourself a favor and never run a tab there.
So why am I writing this here and not going to management? Well management doesn’t seem to interested in genuine concern and feedback but they will pay attention to a public review and hopefully others will speak up about the experiences they have had.
It has went from a friendly neighborhood pub to unpleasant bordering on treating customers as if they are inconvenient to have.
Hopefully this will spark some decent customer service for the people who choose to go back. And no I won’t go back- I”ve seen enough and there are enough local places to choose from that value my business.



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