Drivers beware

Beware of this lady. I was driving home north bound on the henday around 3 pm last Thursday Jan 4th I was in the left lane passing a few vehicles who were doing about 98 to 100 I typically drive about 110 on the henday.

I came up on this vehicle and she was driving between 98-103 in the left lane while maintaining speeds with the vehicle beside her and I was completely blocked in. When I would swerve over a lil to the left to see what the issue was or would even get close to her she slammed on her breaks about 3 different times causing me to slam on mine or almost rear end her.

I had done nothing wrong to this woman but just wanted to pass and be on my way. When she finally moved over just before 127st exit she couldn’t look at me but gave me the finger out her window. Like i was in the wrong for wanting to pass.

Lady all I wanted was to pass in the lane designated for passing I don’t know what your issue was but next time just move over.


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  1. People don’t realize that wanting to pass them is not personal. It doesn’t mean we are trying to show them up. But the mentality of Edmonton drivers is very personal and take offense to other drivers for no apparent reason. Every driver thinks they are the most important person on the road and instead of being courteous they opt to become selfish fools and cause accidents then throw obscenities at innocent people. Edmonton drivers need to chill it’s not personal.

  2. Lois Sunley Lois Sunley says:

    perhaps people should realize if a tire comes off on the car beside you or blows out you need to be not right beside them it would be for your safety to leave some space

  3. I guess common courtesy isn’t so common anymore, too bad people don’t read signs that state…”slower traffic please stay right”

  4. Everyone argue until you change each others mind. This happens every time this subject comes up.

  5. What the real problem is the people in the right lane are usually driving 70-90 kms so nobody wants to get stuck in that lane behind anyone going so slow, so the left lane becomes a “driving” lane for those doing around the speed limit, 95-105 km. It’s the people that are doing way over the speed limit that lose their shit when the drivers going about the speed limit are in the left lane. I drive Henday every damn day and I am frustrated every single day driving it. I typically do between 104-107 and I get pissed at the driver’s in the right lane, the slow lane, and I get pissed at the driver’s in the left “passing?” lane for getting pissy with me. If I can get over and then back into the left lane without being stuck in the slow lane, I absolutely will and let you go happily on your way. If you are riding my ass, blinking your lights at me or otherwise acting like an ass when I cannot get over due to congestion, I will not move over for you once I can. Common curtesy goes both ways.

  6. Just try going slow in the USA not only will they run you off the road but you will also be fined for driving to slow in the left lane!!

  7. Speed limit is 100
    So doing 98 to 100 is fine to drive on the left
    TO many whining snow flakes in Edmonton

  8. These posts are painful.

  9. Alex Gerri Alex Gerri says:

    MAXIMUM 100. Not MAXIMUM 100 unless passing. Ffs.

  10. Cindy Dato Cindy Dato says:

    There are drivers out there who want to cause an accident. I very had it happen to me many times. Driving home one night no one on the road but me and another car. I’m in my own lane all by myself and all of a sudden the car in the right lane decides to cut two lanes and get in front of me and slam on the brakes. Luckily I swerved into the other lane. And the car did it again. The person obviously wants me to hit him, as he slams on his brakes. Then it looks like I hit him and I have to pay for something I didn’t do. I did call the police and he was caught and arrested. The police told me he has a record of doing this. The person who is warning people about this driver, should maybe listen, instead of criticizing and judging. It just might happen to you. Stay safe.

  11. Tony Sousa Tony Sousa says:

    It all boils down to just being courteous to other drivers. Also give them a chance to get out of the way instead of rushing up behind them crossing the solid line and put your headlights in their mirror. And don’t forget to wave thanks when they do move over

  12. Only can refer to one thing regarding rate of speed while driving : Solomons Curve. It’s the best representation of the safest speed to travel…Google it people.

  13. Sorry buds. That’s not a passing lane. It’s just a lane. And she didn’t need to get out of your way. It’s not the law on Anthony henday. I’ve had multiple conversations with people about this and even the cops. And there are no signs that say slower traffic keep right. That law is NOT in effect in the city. Not on yellowhead until you are out of city limits then it changes.

  14. Kevin Palmer Kevin Palmer says:

    First off if you almost hit her when she slams on her brakes your too close dumb ass! regardless what people are doing while driving your to still keep a safe distance from the idiots and if your doing 110 your also speeding and meanwhile if your life is only worth a few klms under the speed limit because your in a hurry then dummy up!!! and wait a few minutes and stay alive and maybe the others you may have killed when you cause the next pile up! by tail gating and slamming on your brakes too!

  15. Why does everyone think it is a passing lane? if it was a passing lane would not the signage say passing lane only as opposed to slower traffic keep right. To my knowledge if it does not say passing lane it is NOT a passing lane

  16. Peter Smith Peter Smith says:

    I am thinking of mounting a bazooka on my car to deal with slow drivers

  17. some drivers are just total asshats

  18. Learn the P.I.T maneuver……
    Then idiots like this can sit in the ditch an figure out why they are there

  19. Cindy Moore Cindy Moore says:

    Impeding traffic is dangerous, driving too fast for winter roads is too…I don’t think either of you are choosing to drive defensively! Just my opinion! Carry on…

  20. Tammy Calvin Tammy Calvin says:

    You have no business posting anyone’s license plate.

    Get a life!

  21. I have no issue driving the maximum posted speed limit in the left lane on the Henday (Not highways). It doesn’t bother me at all if drivers weave back and forth and get angry at the speed I’m driving. I’ll say though if I do move out of their way it’s only in the precise spot on the road in which their licence plates are visible to the truck taking photo radar photos. Feel free to speed, pretty sure the city doesn’t mind the cash they get from tickets ☺

  22. Danielle Ray Danielle Ray says:

    Josee Brunnenkant is that you hahahah ahahah jk

  23. Brad Rose Brad Rose says:

    Regardless of the speed limit, if you have someone riding your ass just get the fuck out of the way if possible, why the hell someone would just stay put makes no sense to me. What are you proving? I move over for people all the time, i don’t pull out the god damn manual to prove I’m right, I simply move. Holy shit what a concept!

  24. Vera Milo Vera Milo says:

    Typical Edmonton drivers.

  25. Lori Czoba Lori Czoba says:

    ….and Shoutout Edmonton is back….

  26. Kathleen Rae Kathleen Rae says:

    She was driving the speed limit and you weren’t you are the one at fault.

  27. Truth! Everyone does it

  28. Vicki Lynn Vicki Lynn says:

    People like this piss me off!!

  29. I’ve noticed alot of drivers don’t know the left lane is passing

  30. Get the fuck out of the passing lane it’s not a difficult concept to grasp . She’s doin the speed limit ….. it causes accidents . And there is no other purpose to it than being an asshole. Go as slow as you want . Just do it in the slow lane where you belong!!!!

  31. James Harris James Harris says:

    left lane is for passing its people like this that hold up emergency vehicles farther back and don’t give a dam about the other drivers..

    • I seriously can’t wait until Alberta starts fining people like they have done in BC. It’s ALWAYS been the law, the problem is that it isn’t enforced so all these people just assume they can do whatever suits them.

    • Ive heard of people starting too get ticketed on highway 2. They were calling in to radio stations “warning” people not too sit in that lane. The amount of road rage would decrease significantly if they did do this too.

    • Jim Strutt Jim Strutt says:

      Lol the law is stay right except to pass. So if you are going 5 kilometers faster than the car your beside than your passing. You won’t see too many tickets unfortunately dallas

    • Dallas Strutt highway 2 is a highway. Anthony henday is a freeway asshat. Do some research.

    • Jim Strutt that’s not the law. Only in highways. Not in the city. Not on normal roads. Not on yellowhead until you reach out of city then it’s a highway and there is a passing lane and signs are there. White mud also doesn’t have a passing lane. But sure seem to think we have to move out of their way. Nope not gonna happen.

    • Dallas Strutt it’s a freeway. Not a highway. Slower traffic keep right doesn’t apply. Call the police and they will tell you also. I don’t have to get out of that lane if i am doing 100 or 110. If you wanna pass move to another lane as you would in any road in the city.

    • Dan Litke Dan Litke says:

      How many left turns can you make off the Henday?!?!? Very few if none from what I can recall, correct me if wrong. There for the left lane would be for passing. As you wouldn’t need said lane to turn left. Highway, freeway, who gives a fuck. Dont treat it like it’s yours cause you’re on it. Drive with a little common sense and courtesy. I will speed when it is safe for me to hurt no one but myself should something go wrong. And I also make a desicion to pay any tickets I get while breaking said limit. No one has any right to govern a driver in that desicion. Speeding is one thing, reckless driving is another. Get out of the way of someone who wants to pass . Why is this such a big deal.

    • Dianne Machado you should google what the definition is before fighting about something.

    • Jim Strutt Jim Strutt says:

      Dianne Machado was just talking about the law in general. I realize it’s not in effect in town. And according to this it is a highway

    • Jim Strutt Jim Strutt says:

      And yes Dianne machado that is what the law states. You are allowed to be in the left lane if you are passing a vehicle

  32. Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

    The left lane on a freeway is not a passing lane. There are no passing left laws in alberta. She’s doing the posted maximum in the lane of her choosing. Stop tailgating her.

    • Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

      Lol did you even read what it said before you posted that? Clearly states only when that sign is present. Typically seen on single lane highway when a temporary passing lane is provided

    • Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

      But the henday, which is a freeway, does not have that sign, or a temporary passing lane.

    • But if its a freeway why would it be called highway 216…

    • Do you have any sources saying the Henday is exempt..

    • Read the next page of the guide. The act is expected to be followed without a sign present. The sign is only used on roads with higher volume of traffic as a reminder.
      That being said – a rule shouldn’t be required in the first place. Have a little respect. Would you intentionally block someone from getting by you in the grocery store, regardless of how fast or slow you’re moving? How about on a sidewalk? If you don’t need to be in a lane, and someone wants to get by, let them go. Tailgating is dangerous, but so is intentionally slamming on your brakes to get rid of a tailgater. Had she caused an accident in doing so, they both would have been charged over an incredibly trivial and avoidable matter.

    • Dan Litke Dan Litke says:

      Look for “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT” signs. They are in the left side of the road for a reason. Probably hard to see when you’re swearing in the rear view cause that guy behind you is to close, in YOUR opinion. If you read your mirrors, some have a neat little message you may want to read. #rustbucketcitydrivers

    • Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

      Exactly. And there are zero slower traffic keep right signs on the henday.

    • Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

      It also doesn’t say the “slower traffic keep right” is a law. Just like yellow speed signs, they are recommended speeds.

      Please show us where in the alberta traffic act there is a law about left lane being a passing lane or requiring slow traffic to stay right.

    • Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

      Dallas Strutt henday doesn’t need any exempt. Show me in the traffic act that says the left is passing

    • Shaun Reveis Shaun Reveis says:

      And remember, slower traffic applies to traffic driving under the limit. As a recommendation (unless someone can find it in the traffic act)

  33. She probably thought you were tailgating her (which you probably were). You obviously scared her and you come on Shoutout Edmonton and tell us this! Just take it easy and go on with your day.

  34. Kara Fehr Kara Fehr says:

    Of course people don’t know the rules of the road, they got their licenses from a cracker jack box.

  35. Jade Jasmine Jade Jasmine says:

    What business is it how fast someone else wants to go. Im sorry but if I want to drive 110 or 120, I can as per road conditions. Im the one risking the ticket. It has no effect on anyone else. And if someone won’t let me pass in the PASSING lane. Yes. Im going to be pissed and yes, you will be in the wrong. Keep right to let faster moving vehicles pass. That is the purpose of the PASSING lane.

  36. Why are you driving and taking a pic with your phone….

  37. OMG, to the poster cheers!! I’ve seen this so many times it’s not even funny.

    So frustrating… Of course you’ll come close to their vehicle when they do under the speed limit… Just simple math! You eventually catch up, Some drivers slow down on purpose.

    This is when people want to control the road and dictate how others should drive! these drivers who won’t let people pass and break check are the most dangerous drivers…. They create road rage and eventually they’ll piss off the wrong mother fukkka! Is it worth your life? Remember folks you don’t know who’s in the car behind you .

  38. Why are you taking photos when your driving?!

  39. SO you were speeding, swerving to try and pass and on your phone taking pics while driving and want to post to complain about how she is the problem? Get over yourself and don’t be a jackass driver that only cares about getting where you want to go rather than actual safety on the roads. The only one they need to beware of is you, not her.

  40. The right lane is for slower drivers and the left lane is the passing lane. That car who was doing the speed limit should be in the right lane. That’s how accidents happen

  41. Shoutout edmonton , i really dont think you should post peoples license plates numbers on the internet

  42. Looks to me like there are vehicles beside her. Also how are the roads really?? looks a little wet and its January so why not slow down and wait till she can move over safely! People need to slow down in this city! We don’t live in Florida this is Alberta!

  43. Apparently everybody wants to be a traffic cop. I say if someone wants to speed, let them…makes no difference to me so why should I concern myself with it. ‘Policing’ the passing lane by driving in it and not letting traffic flow around you is dangerous, bottom line. When you do that you become part of the problem, not a solution.

  44. Anthony Timm Anthony Timm says:

    None of you fucks know how to drive just stay fucking home

  45. Rae Wright Rae Wright says:

    I see “you” as being the wreckless driver in this situation. Quit trying to play traffic cop and drive properly.

  46. You were making her nervous you should have backed off

  47. It’s a common courtesy to move to the right if safe to let the faster driver to carry on.
    I agree move over

  48. The speed limit isn’t a fucking suggestion

  49. ummmmm 98 is pretty close to the speed limit so why woyuld you be trying to pass …for 2klms …or were you wanting to go faster? If that is that case why does this person have to get out of your way? so you can break the law?

  50. Henday is not a “slower traffic stay right” road. 100 km is the posted limit. Weaving side to side makes the behind driver dangerous not the vehicle going the posted speed. Maybe being blocked in both lanes should be an indication to slow down and drive the speed of all traffic.

  51. Laura Hunt Laura Hunt says:

    Yet you unsafely operated your phone to take a picture…

  52. She should move over…she is gonna cause an accident.

  53. Don’t fucking tailgate

  54. She was doing speed limit yet you have an issue? Maybe you sir should slow down and drive for the conditions!

    • Tom Joseph Tom Joseph says:

      Maybe people shouldn’t concern themselves with being a speed limit “vigilante” and instead move out of the way of the faster vehicle, regardless of posted limits.

    • Then be an idiot case in point the accident near kitscoty this week read the report bet the passenger wishes the driver was doing the limit not passing numerous vehicles…he might be alive to tell us!

    • I like your drive for the conditions comment for days like today but do you not see the picture? Roads are pretty clear to me. There is nothing saying she couldn’t move over and then get back and let this driver pass. Again for your drive for the conditions comment why does the lady in the van feel she needs to slam on her breaks? That’s going to cause an accident right there. If the road conditions were bad no matter what speed that could be bad. Slamming on your breaks for no purpose is bad driving

    • Its a passing lane not a normal driving lane. Move your butt out of the passing lane if your not passing. How do ppl not understand this, i understood that at 8yrs old. Im 27 now but if i understood this at 8yrs old than how does an adult not understand that its a passing lane?!?!?!

    • Well then at 27 you should be able to notice there are no “slower traffic stay right” signs. Makes it a driving lane.

    • Tom Joseph Tom Joseph says:

      James Lori Shipley simple law of physics dictates “an object in motion stays in motion until another force acts upon it”. Following this logic I can drive 200 KM/hr and I’m just as safe as someone going 100. The issue is when I pull up behind someone and they choose to disregard traffic flow they force me to change lanes and maneuver around them greatly increasing not only my risk for an accident but also the risk to others. I get that you think you should have the option to police peoples speed on roadways but you don’t and only stand to serve more harm by being inconsiderate.

    • I agree that the lady should just move over, not her place to make people go the speed limit. However, her hitting the breaks was probably because this person was on her @$$ and she wanted to give them a signal. I do this, not to be a b#@*$ but because I have children in my vehicle and don’t want you slamming your breaks, hitting a patch of ice and smashing into my vehicle. Learn what a safe distance is to drive behind someone, when it’s safe to switch lanes though, I always do

    • You brake check people with kids in your car…. mother of the year award goes too…

    • Jade Jasmine Jade Jasmine says:

      James Lori Shipley, do you even have your license? The left lane is a PASSING LANE. It is there for passing purposes. That van is clearly in the wrong. If you want to drive the speed limit then fine, you do you buddy. But by all means don’t be a dick because someone wants to go faster then you.

    • You slam on your breaks when people are riding your ass because you don’t want to get rear ended by someone with your kids in the vehicle. What an oxymoron. Just wow.

    • There were no conditions, the picture clearly shows that. You can’t turn left anywhere off the Henday, anyone that drives a mini van is a danger to society and HAVE SOME FUCKING RESPECT! 98 kmh is NOT the speed limit

    • Kelly Shaw Kelly Shaw says:

      She was impeding the flow of traffic

    • James Harris James Harris says:

      James Lori Shipley i disagree if she was doing the speed limit but gets rear ended by a semi, you can claim she was just doing the law-but dead is still the same as dead.

    • Tami Mackenzie there are signs everywhere that say “slower traffic keep right” people just simply don’t care. The left lane is a passing lane only. In BC they are now issuing fines for those who choose to drive in the left lane. I can’t wait until Alberta starts doing the same. Its ALWAYS been a passing lane .. a sign shouldn’t even be necessary.

    • Not on the Henday it isnt. It’s a round road NOT a highway which is where those signs are not posted. There are many publicly posted comments from the police stating it is NOT a passing lane. Look it up. In case you hadn’t noticed this is not BC and those laws don’t exist here yet which is why you don’t see them ticketing or enforcing those rules.

    • My comment keeps getting deleted. But Highway 216 is the Henday… so your wrong. Go look at the link i posted it is a law here.

    • Nikki Szyszko i am not disputing Alberta highways have signs that advise drivers to stay right other than to pass.. on highways.
      Anthony Henday is not a highway. Which is why they are not posted on that road.

    • Nikki Szyszko There is no signs of slower traffic stay right on the Henday. On the highways there is, not on the freeways, and the Henday is considered a freeway

    • They should teach it in the driving school that slow traffic keeps right. If not then they do not have pro driving schools here. You do not teach people to drive for one Province only. They must know how to drive in the whole country. The right lane for slow traffic rule has existed years and around most of the countries in the world not just Canada.

    • And yet Dallas Strutt there are no signs… hmmmm

    • Show us where it says its not a highway

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