Your driving habits are scary

To the driver of the blue explorer plated BKP 3778:

This morning I witnessed several of what I’m sure were just a small portion of your close calls:
1. You U-turned at a light controlled intersection (illegal in AB), after which you immediately pulled into the right lane, cutting off a car that was halfway through the intersection
2. You almost plowed down a pedestrian in a crosswalk–they actually jumped and stopped in the middle of said crosswalk to avoid getting hit
3. You weaved and stayed in the middle of the lane–in the middle of an intersection–to avoid first a car turning left, then a bus that was signaling to get back onto the road immediately after the intersection (this was also in front of a school)
4. You failed to signal when you finally moved your danger wagon out of my immediate vicinity

I’d challenge you to reevaluate whatever is happening in your life that is causing you to be in such a rush. Today I saw several other people make up for your horrific driving habits. Tomorrow you might kill someone.



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  1. Shawna Perez Shawna Perez says:

    Make a report with the EPS. At least they can keep it on file even though they can’t charge the driver without video evidence.

  2. I sure hope you reported them if you have the license plate

  3. Telling us on Shoutout doesn’t fix a thing. If it was reported to EPS then kudos to you, otherwise you are wasting your time.

  4. Have you filed a complaint with EPS?

  5. And you didn’t inform the police?

  6. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    Edmonton has bad drivers? I’m shooooocked.

  7. Keith Currie Keith Currie says:

    It is true, even an Asian guy I know failed his license twice and 3rd time he failed but paid off the Asian driving school he took it at and ya, got his license. I’m sure with all the private driving schools especially in South Edmonton, most are relatives of ppl who know the owners etc. I see it daily that many ppl should not be on the road no matter what. 95% Of drivers do not appear as raised Canadian citizens due to age I see of drivers making the smallest mistakes and lack of attention to driving. I’m sure there is a massive amount that paid to get license, not worked at it to pass it properly

  8. You just made it sound real dramatic lol i bet you still use your phone when driving and no one is around

  9. I bet you’re a DO-GOODER Yourself lol

  10. All she ever does is whine. Ignore her.

  11. All she ever does is whine. Ignore her.

  12. Maybe you should’ve called that in? They might’ve been drunk

  13. This is when you call 911 and report them to the police instead of posting it to Facebook!

  14. Rye Weskey Rye Weskey says:

    followed some tard in a dark grey mazda the other morning, he was tailing everyone, weaving in and out of his lane driving excessive speeds and then braking hard, we went from edmonton to sherwood park and he looked up from his cell phone a handful of times. just a fucking retard. btr-6374 I watched him tail guys doing 70+ km/h with his head looking down, when he reached 90km/h+ in the 70 zone i stopped following him, I was waiting for him to rear end someone so I could get out and be a witness to his stupidity and counter the bullshit excuses that would have likely come from his butt fuck mouth.

  15. Ron Klatt Ron Klatt says:

    Oh ya… Well your caps lock is broken and it makes you look like a fucken moron lol

  16. Don’t you know that there is alot of drivers in Edmonton that bought their license from some driving schools…they can’t fail “newcomers” to Canada…so now your city is FULL OF FUKD UP DRIVERS


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