I been duped by Cabriolet Custom Drywall

I read a post here about 3 others being duped by Christopher that owns Cabriolet Custom Drywall. I want to say that myself and buddy of mine also didn’t get paid we did with Christopher back in October.

Me and my buddy worked a full 2 weeks with him. He said how great workers we were and how he wants to keep us around. He claimed that his other employees would quit once they gotten paid so he always has to look for new workers and hopes we would stick with him.

He mentioned through many conversations how he goes through a lot of people and we never thought anything of it. Should have realized something was off about this. Long story short, Christopher complimented me and my buddy everyday and we worked long hours for 2 full weeks only to have him fire the both of us once the job was finished and tell us that we were horrible workers that was slow and late everyday. None of that was true at all. We put more work into his projects when he would have temper tantrums because something he did was wrong or he was having a bad day thinking his girlfriend is doing drugs.

I agree with the post earlier and I strongly suggest getting the word out about Christopher’s company. I don’t think any of you guys would like your sons, boyfriend or husband putting in many hours, being away from home, only to be screwed over by this dude.

I’m 20 years old and my mother is a single mom and I really wanted to help her out so much because she had gotten laid off from her job. But this dude ruined it and wasted my time for 2 weeks



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  1. I know another company like this except it’s a plumbing company.

  2. Kristy Hedin Kristy Hedin says:

    My heart breaks for you sir ! I am sorry to hear of this ! Hope you shall find some redemption for this, at some point.

  3. Tanita Faye Tanita Faye says:

    I’m sorry to hear this 🙁 People shouldn’t own companies if they don’t have the basic principle of integrity and running business ethically and properly. Nothing grinds my gears more than shady people/companies/etc. I think anyone with an experience like this should be are to log these things and get it on official record wherever you can like with Alberta government or labor board possibly? I’m sorry you experienced that and hopefully the owner of this company has fixed his ways or gone out of business by now.

  4. I feel partly to blame here because I do drugs with his girlfriend while he’s at work, sorry.

  5. Dia Thurston Dia Thurston says:

    Go to CBC’s Go Public – an investigative news segment that holds the powers that be accountable.

  6. Contact employment standards

  7. Joey Wilson Joey Wilson says:

    i dont think it is a good idea or would i suggest something like this but the guys adress is on his facebook page. you should go “visit” him.

  8. Purdy Travis Purdy Travis says:

    High turn over of staff should be instant red flag. Live and learn.

  9. Go wreck his shit. If you did drywall work for him, go smash the fuck out of all the work you did for him. Not paying me? Not getting my work.

  10. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    File a lein on the project you worked on today go to the courthouse and do it then file a lein on his assests

  11. You should call Employment Standards and file a complaint!

  12. Katy Cole Katy Cole says:

    Report to BBB and labour boards


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