Dwayne’s home? Martyshuck housing?

Do the people who live there….do they know they live with child molesters and rapeists?

What makes people choose to live there? Another place is that pyramid place. I have posted a few heads up posts about one twin guy….who molested kids. The other lives at dwaynes home….and don’t forget the drug dealer on the 11th floor.

All that scum in one building…and more just a short distance away. Complaint done.



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  1. How about call the police and help those children?

  2. Children don’t live in these places. What makes people choose to live there? Necessity. For a lot, it’s the difference between having a roof or not. Not sure what the point of this is. Are you volunteering to help out in some way?

    • exactly. dwayne’s house is a halfway house. No one chooses to live there if they have other options. It is a crappy, poorly run, drug infested supposed halfway house with next to no supports for the residents. The residents are there because they have no other options and it is that or homeless essentially.

  3. I think these ppl should still be behind bars. Child molesters can never be rehabilitated.

  4. I have never heard of these places. Does the OP have proof to back up the accusations? If so then he/she should go to the police. If not then he/she is committing libel and could be sued

  5. He’s talking about these two who’ve been released with a long history of sexual offences.

  6. Rollen Trees Rollen Trees says:

    These low life’s contribute to majority of the crime in the downtown area

  7. I think it’s great that someone is out there trying to help people that we obviously are not. That’s exactly why they re-offend or wrap themselves up in other stuff bc they have no support at all. I think instead of judging these owners we should be supporting them to provide more than just the basics

  8. As of Jan 1st 2018 these people will have nowhere to live that they are away from children due to our laws changing and adult buildings only are a thing of the past. This pisses me off! I live in a adult only building and love it, when people started this movement I thought about the people who can’t be around children and where they were gonna live but the bleeding hearts did NOT think about this?


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