Ear Wax

How do you safely remove ear wax from a 11 year old boy?

I wanted to try the candle and wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Thank you.



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  1. Go to doc and have it flushed out works like a dam

  2. Candling is a farse. All that “wax” is actual wax from the candles. Go see Livingsounds Hearing. They’re top notch.

  3. Randi May Randi May says:

    Drugstore should have earwax removal kit. Dr will not flush or irrigate your ears til eardrums are 100% covered with wax.

  4. Lina Elliott Lina Elliott says:

    Dr….. or I use 50/50 peroxide water solution in mine. Then fallow with olive oil as the peroxide will in time dry out your ear

  5. Livingsounds Hearing Centre at the office Synergy Wellness Centre. Tania is a licensed Audiologist who can do it

  6. My doctor cleans my ears. No script.

  7. A doctor will flush them….don’t bother candling.

  8. Yes olive oil and you can buy a squeeze ball to squirt in the ear and get rid of the wax. Q-tips just push it in and cause a worse blockage. From a person with a chronic issue with earwax.

  9. Don’t waste your money on fancy packaged products. A couple drops of olive oil at room temperature morning and night for 3-7 days with cotton balls then you can use a syringe with room temperature water or let the water from a shower pour in and out.

  10. You go to the doctor. They will likely recommend an over the counter treatment like Cerumel. But for the love of all that is good, do not diy this on your child

  11. Lisa Fedirko Lisa Fedirko says:

    Living Sounds Hearing Centre will do a great job

  12. Take him to the medicenter and get his ear drained , if it’s an intense build up or book a doctors apt

  13. Warm up cooking oil. Put it in the ear every night for a week. Than at bath time take a syringe of warm water and shoot it in the ear till the wax comes out. Beware it’s not pretty lol

  14. Adam Dee Adam Dee says:

    Just shove the Q-Tip in until he stops struggling. Then repeat with the other ear.

  15. Cassie House Cassie House says:

    You can go to any walk in clinic and the nurses will flush his ears. Usually you don’t have to wait.

  16. Faren Critch Faren Critch says:

    This stuff works great!

  17. Tom Cody Tom Cody says:

    first problem is that the kid is 11 and the “how do I clean my kids ears” question has only just now came up… lol

  18. Bekah Dugas Bekah Dugas says:

    My pediatrician said baby oil, a drop or two in each ear before bed.

  19. Just talked to a pharmacist 20 minutes ago about this and the best is slightly warm olive oil. A drop in the ear, leave tilted for a minute and let drain, repeat for other side. That’s all the ear wax products are, olive oil. Some are peroxide but not as effective and feel weird.

  20. Candling is useless and dangerous and you run the risk of damage. Ears are designed to clean themselves. Put some olive oil in or buy some drops from the drugstore to loosen up the wax. Or better choice, go to the dr and have them flushed. They have the proper tools and can look in the ears to make sure everything is ok.
    Do not use q tips or anything else to clean the ears. You run the risk of pushing it in deeper and impacting it or worse case scenario you can damage/rupture the eardrum.

  21. Gyn Reimer Gyn Reimer says:

    If its impacted sticky ear wax. Just go to the Doctor.

  22. Dont use qtips…either use olive oil or bring to dr to get his ears drained. I did it with both my sons because they have rapid wax buildup and they said it felt amazing afterwards

  23. The way i do it is i bring my kids for a bath n when i brush their teeth (kids r 1&3) i just wipe what i can see with a qtip, on myself i shove the qtip in my ear if something is bugging me but other than that, i use a face cloth thats been wrung out n i just do a wipe! My kids ears are too small lol

  24. Literally a drop or two of vegetable oil and they will clean themselves! Seriously and no risks!

  25. Do not do candling. If there is a significant amount that is blocking you can put a drop of olive oil into the ear to soften the wax then try slowly removing it with a Q-tip. If it is still blocked then go to a walk in clinic and they can safely give the ear a water flush which will rinse everything out of the ear canal.

  26. Karo Li Na Karo Li Na says:

    Just scoop it carefully with q-tip. Just look inside with a flashlight so wax/pieces don’t get in.

  27. A doctor will flush them….don’t bother candling.

  28. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Q-Tips work fine if you don’t jam the thing in there. Be gentle.

  29. Candling is a big ol’ scam and doesn’t work. The safest, most effective way is using an ear irrigation system. You can by them at the drug store. For really hardened wax, warm some olive oil (just warm, not hot!) and put a few drops in the war with a cotton ball to stop it from running out. Leave overnight then rinse with the irrigation bottle.

  30. Arcand Dee Arcand Dee says:

    Olive oil 2 drops each ear or buy a removal kit that gently pumps water in the ear canal. My wife has impacted ears and we flush them regularly.

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