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EA’s are awesome!

Shoutout to the unsung heroes of the classroom-the class EA’s.

Seriously. These people do not get enough props. I was volunteering in my kids school and there was a week to thank and celebrate substitute teachers and there’s Admin Professionals day and teacher appreciation (plus they’re the ones who get all the gifts at Christmas) and I was led to wonder, does anyone thank EA’s?

I’m not in the school all the time but when I’m there these EA’s are busy. They’re the ones dealing with the severe behaviour kids and the meltdowns and all that stuff. And I think we forget them all too often. I know my kid isn’t coded or high needs but he struggles from time to time in math and he tells me often that the classroom helper helped him. I also realized that in some cases the EA’s spend more time with our kids than the teachers do. Teachers go on a prep, EA’s stay with the kids. Some teachers teach part time, EA’s are there full time (usually-I know some work part time as well). My kids school will bring in a sub to offer 1/2 hour (or so) prep time for teachers.

Teachers 100% need that time so I’m not discrediting that I’m just saying that EA’s deserve major props too. Plus the one I see mostly in my sons class, I am about 99% sure she does outdoor supervision every single day. So to you who maybe don’t get thanked very often, thank you!



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