EA’s should be filling out reports!

Educational Assistants should be filling out reports!

I am in the field and am quickly realizing that violence towards EA’s is handled very differently than violence towards teachers. If a child is violent towards a teacher or threatens at teacher, they are suspended or even put in an alternative program. Violence towards an EA usually doesn’t mean anything to principals, it is swept under the rug, as if it is expected that we are to be punched, kicked, slapped, spit on and bitten. That that’s the job we signed up for. I don’t think any of us came into the field blindly, thinking those things wouldn’t happen but there are so many incidents going unreported that the higher ups think it’s not an issue.

Anytime a student threatens violence, acts out violently, injures you, spits or throws things at you it needs to be documented. Not always to have the student suspended or removed but when something eventually is done and someone is brought in, at least there is documented information and the therapist or whomever gets an accurate picture of what is going on. Or if you are injured and don’t report it and then need time off to manage it, it becomes more difficult and requires more paperwork and phone calls.

Seriously, protect yourselves. Fill out those reports. And if your principal tells you not to, do it anyway.



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  1. Sam Douglas Sam Douglas says:

    Security cameras in classrooms. A kid hits, spits, or bites? Duct tape their hands together in front of them.

  2. Take it up with the school board/ minister of education. Introduce your idea for incident reports and go from there.

  3. It is also good time to see a doctor to report injuries and bruises. I was assaulted several times when working with troubled youth. Some permanent damage from a head injury and one broke my pacemaker lead resulting in very risky surgery.

  4. I am surprised that they do not provide training in restraint ie non violent crisis intervention here.

  5. Not sure why your administration would tell you NOT to document. In fact, if it’s EPSB…teachers have access to their own log notes in Powerschool. You need to ensure you have a good plan in place with your classroom teacher AND your admin. We know the paperwork to have a child assessed or places in a program takes awhile and documenting is key to speeding up that process. Sorry if you are being injured. It’s a difficult, thankless position, one I couldn’t do! But speak to your classroom teacher!!!!

  6. Jodi Flatt Jodi Flatt says:

    EA’s are covered under OHS in schools. Violence prevention is part of that. Submit incident reports, inform your H&S committee, and tell your supervisor. If no one does anything, please contact the OHS hotline to report the incidents and they will send an officer out.dont call, though, before you take all these steps, otherwise, OHS can only tell your employer that there are “non-specific” events, which are very hard to investigate.

  7. Amy Michelle Amy Michelle says:

    I feel soo bad for the EAs in my sons school. Some of the things I hear from my son is heart breaking. I feel they dont respect them either no one wants to go home and cry about their job. I know one of them at his school cries about the struggles she faces at work. I’ve also notice the poor bus drivers who have to transport the kids are being abused too.

    • My sibling was a teacher for decades. The ‘system’ insisted on putting a young male with very specific needs into their school. He was big, violent and out of control. But the ‘system’ dictated that this young man HAD to be accomodated.

      Each fall Teachers were almost sick with worry on whose class this boy would be put in.

      One day at recess, the boy hit a supervising teacher across the head and knocked her out. Other staff ran to try to intervene. He swung at them too. He grabbed the teacher( laying on the ground) and proceeded to drag her by one arm, through mud muddles on the playground. Police were called and the boy was taken away.

      The Teacher he assaulted had her career ended THAT DAY. She simply couldn’t do it anymore.

      The Teachers heard that that following summer the boy had died in a fire he had set himself.

      How did being forced into that situation help this boy or the staff involved? Its beyond ridiculous and dangerous.

  8. Sheila Gough Sheila Gough says:

    If this is what is happening to you, then you better find a new school as your principal is fucked………………

  9. More def needs to done, perhaps EAs need to start advocating for each other at a higher level. Continue pushing through, using the strategies in place by reporting each incident and documenting everything. Try and find allies within the community to support any changes you feel need to be made.

  10. I’m pretty sure you can log in and report all incidents on your own. Even from

  11. I agree completely!!! Fill out the forms gather them and show them off.
    I also believe that parents need to take a more active role in these types of situations. EA’s should also be available for parent teacher interviews and should have access to parents to discuss the kids behaviour. As I have an autistic child and I am definitely not informed that my child is acting severely out of control at school.

    EAs speak to your union rep about this.

  12. Sara Lynne Sara Lynne says:

    I definitely agree EA’s need to stand up for themselves and fill out the appropriate documentation, but I GUARANTEE that violence against teachers is frequently ignored as well.

  13. Are you union? You need to speak to your union. Absolutely no one should be required to tolerate those kinds of working conditions. Absolutely no one!

    I believe in integrating special needs children. But theres a fine line. When that line is crossed, putting the child and staff at risk, it becomes a detriment not an advantage. If a child is kicking, punching and becoming violent with staff and other children, he ir she needs very specific professional services.

    Teachers and EAs are educators from a specific field of study. Psychologists, clinical behavioralists, psychiatrists are also very individual, specific fields of study.

    No amount of training of courses is going to turn Teachers and EAs into Psychologists, clinical behavioralists, psychiatrists. An unreal expectation that Educators should have that wide a knowledge base and skill set is totally ridiculous. Another unreal expectation is putting a violent child who needs Professional Services into the regular school system. How can this situation be any good for the child, the staff and other children.

    You are an EA not a Corrections Officer. FFS!

  14. They need to keep seclusion rooms.

  15. Becki Kehler Becki Kehler says:

    There are forms to fill out. If they do not do it, it is on them. A principal will not fill out a form for you. They won’t do it for a teacher and they won’t do it for EA’s. Di your own paperwork.

  16. Kids are bad. Should go back to the old days. A lil cuff on the head never hurt no one

  17. Leo Mason Leo Mason says:

    Bring back the paddle/strap.


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