Easing up on the LRT lines

To me I think the city is getting a little crazy on the whole LRT and putting them on major road where there is high velocity of vehicles travelling in.

What I suggest is that we get more a ETS busses along those routes for those who can’t/ don’t want to drive. It would save tons of money and heartache as well as keep the small business flowing in those high populated areas.

That too me is a good win win solution to the city moving population.



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  1. ETS busses are unreliable and take forever! Just imagine crossing the city on a Saturday night! The LRT is faster, better in the snow, and can take more people at once. But they shouldn’t be plugging up roads, I agree. They need to fix that.

  2. LRT transports more passengers in a day than ALL the ETS busses do in a day.

  3. Ets buses would cost more money in the long run. Lrt is a much better system they just need to stop putting the tracks on the ground level. The buses are so inefficient its disgusting and laughable.

  4. I sort of agree tho. The LRT IS BETTER. But. Where they’re planning on putting it and the city planning in general is just garbage. It’s too bad Edmonton didn’t have more foresight into growth decades ago. You can tell this city was built by bureaucrats

    • Evelyn Skura Evelyn Skura says:

      LRT, bike lanes and ping pong tables on Jasper Ave, that’s our mayor. At least those riding the LRT and buses pay their way, unlike cyclists. Our city council is against all drivers.

    • Maja Black Maja Black says:

      I agree, west Edmonton mall had the foresight to build an underground platform, the city didn’t have the foresight to use it!

  5. They should run the LRT under the UofA and have a stop under the UofA.

  6. Erin Saville Erin Saville says:

    While I agree that it is totally crap to clog up the roads (especially important north south arteries like 66th/75th) with the new LRT line, the LRT is WAY more efficient than the busses. Half the time the busses don’t even bother to show up or you will get like 4 on the same route all turning up at once. It really needs to be improved. In the meantime I definitely take a bit longer to go from Millwoods Town Centre to Century Park purely to take the LRT to downtown/northside as it’s much more efficient than the 8, 6, 70 etc.

    I do agree with Stephanie Tooke that they should have prepared Edmonton for growth and expansion decades ago. As it is the estimated finish date for the LRT is something really obscene like 2050 isnt it? By then they will need to expand it even further to account for the further expansion it will undoubtedly experience!

  7. Pam Newcombe Pam Newcombe says:

    What the city should have done is designate transportation corridors when annexing new land and building new areas. This way the land would already be reserved and designated for use and then they could design the traffic around it instead of trying to do it the other way around and having to buy people’s houses. They have started to do it in newer areas but just for main roads. Ie: james mowatt trail has a bigass green space to the west of the road, its planned for future twinning of the road, so there’s no reason that they can’t try to implement this type of system now for future projects.

  8. Katy Cole Katy Cole says:

    I would rather take the LRT than the bus any day.

  9. Maja Black Maja Black says:

    Do the math, one driver for 10 lrt cars stopping at specific stops, or 20 busses with 20 drivers stopping at virtually every block. The city planners from 30 to 40 years ago should have realized this day would come (west Edmonton mall built a platform). It takes 1/2 hour ish to get downtown from century park. Millwoods will be the same… The fact is our city has a large land mass for the number of people, it cannot be compared to Toronto or Vancouver (they have more tax payers to foot the bill). As our city grows, lrt will be used far more, as it is in other cities. People who drive now will be retired so they don’t matter, it is about our kids kids, teaching them to use mass transit. In larger cities the majority of people use trains…. What we are looking at in Edmonton is unique, giving the population growth, and how crowded Canada’s 2 major cities are, in another 20-40 years many companies will have to look to Edmonton and Calgary to grow(especially because we are close to untapped northern resources. We can’t make the same mistakes out predecessors did. We need to (best option put the trains underground, at taxpayers expense) or keep them above ground, annoy drivers and get the self entitled off the streets. Streets should be used for delivery in the downtown core, not cars

  10. LRT is way better than busses. Get out of your car, stop bitching and deal with it. Its called the future.


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